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Brian Tracy’s 7 Tips To Sales Success

[ 0 ] Feb. 22, 2014 | SBO Editor

sales success

Master these seven tips on sales success from the master, Brian Tracy, and you’ll be on your way to a year of soaring sales.

Your Sales Success

An established expert on sales training and personal development, Brian Tracy has a message for every sales professional: “You have the ability, right now, to earn two and three times as much as you are earning today.” In his book, Unlimited Sales Success Tracy presents seven ideas to work and live by, every day, to dramatically increase sales results and reap incredible rewards.

Get serious about your work.

“Anything less than a commitment to sales excellence is an unconscious acceptance of mediocrity,” Tracy contends. When you make a decision to be the best at what you do, your life will begin to change, and you are on your way to joining the top 10 percent in your field.

 Identify your limiting skill to sales success.

What one skill, if you developed it to the point of excellence, would help you to double your sales and your income? Write down your answer, determine what you need to learn and do, and begin. When you have mastered this one skill, ask the question again.

 Choose your friends carefully.

“Winners associate with winners,” observes Tracy. “When you change your thinking and become a total optimist about yourself and your potential, you will begin attracting into your life other people who think and feel the same way.” What’s more, negative and unhelpful people will drift away.

 Decide to live forever.

Determine the level of physical fitness and energy you would like to enjoy for the rest of your life—to age 90 or more. Then, examine your current health habits, with a priority on improvement. “Your job,” Tracy stresses, “is to take excellent care of yourself today so that you do live that long and you feel great about yourself the whole way.”

Practice creative visualization.

“When you visualize and see yourself as calm, confident, positive and successful, your subconscious mind accepts that picture as a command organizes your external behavior so that it is consistent with your inner picture,” Tracy says. The person you “see” is the person you will be.

Practice positive self-talk.

“The most powerful words in the world are the words that you say to yourself,” says Tracy. Rather than give into self-defeating doubts, tell yourself: I can do it!

When you repeat positive messages, you program them into your mind until acting consistent with them comes naturally.

Get going and keep going.

Be intensely action-oriented, with a sense of urgency. “As Albert Einstein said,” notes Tracy, ‘Nothing happens until something moves.’ Your job is to move.”

Read more of Brian Tracy’s tips on sales success in his book, Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Though Possible by Brian Tracy and Michael Tracy (AMACOM, $22.95) Visit www.briantracy.com/ for more info.

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