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What Type of Salesperson Are You? Hunter or Farmer?

[ 0 ] Jan. 14, 2014 | SBO Editor

Hunter versus Farmer

Each morning ask yourself, “Where is my next sale coming from?” That’s a suggestion from Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in training and the development of individuals and organizations. Brain is the author of 55 books and his Unlimited Sales Success (with Michael Tracy) (AMACOM) suggests that you also find out whether or not your sales style fits the “hunter” or the “farmer” mode.

According to Brian Tracy, ” One of the breakthroughs in sales psychology was the discovery that there are two main types of salespeople: hunters and farmers. Hunters are those who confidently and aggressively go out and find new business. They are prospecting machines. They are not afraid to call on anyone. Even though they make up only 10 percent of a sales force, they open 80 percent of the new accounts, and sometimes more.

“The other type of salesperson is the ‘farmer.’ This person is quite competent when it comes to following up on warm leads generated by the company and in maintaining customer relationships. This is a person who provides excellent customer service, calls back on a regular basis, builds long-term customer relationships, and generates a steady strem of resales and referrals.

“When companie begin to divide up sales responsibilities into hunters and farmers, their overall sales go up and their levels of customer satisfaction increase. Hunters like to open an account and turn it over to the company to fulfill the sale and take care of the customer. Farmers like to take care of the customers, once the hunter has brought them in. Are you a hunter or a farmer?”

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