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SBOMAG Roundup: Friends Fun Wine In A Can

[ 0 ] Jan. 15, 2014 | SBO Editor

Friends Wine In A Can

Friends Beverage Group of Miami is innovating the beverage industry with a new wine drink – Friends Fun Wine In A CanTM – a refreshing and casual, everyday beverage.

Friends Fun Wine has a friendly taste targeted at consumers who enjoy wine and a vast majority of the population that does not drink wine.

The Friends Fun Wine CollectionTM focuses on pairing a modern lifestyle with a casual alternative to traditional wine that is most affordable.

Friends Fun Wine products are enjoyable to drink at home, parties, sports events, concerts and resorts, or by the pool, at the beach or a BBQ, and everywhere wine or beer is served.

Each 8.4 oz. slim can (250 ml) contains two servings that come with the health benefit of reduced alcohol (6% ABV) and about half the calories of traditional wine, with only 75 calories per serving.

Produced in Southern France from premium French grapes, Friends Fun Wine is packaged in attractively-design slim cans that are convenient, portable, quick chilling, and 100% recyclable, with a 3-year shelf life. The cans are produced by the world’s largest beverage can company, Rexam.

The first Fun Wine products, launched in early 2013, were Rose, White, Strawberry and Peach Moscato and Red and White Sangria. Additional flavors are in development.

In the U.S., the nation’s top distributors, including Southern Wine & Spirits, Glazer’s, Phoenix/Beehive, Monarch Beverages, Empire Distributing and Heidelberg, distribute Friends Fun Wine products.Friends Fun Wine is currently available on Spirit Airlines and is growing across the US with Walmart, CVS, Kroger’s, 7-Eleven and convenience stores. More national chains are coming online every month.

Friends Beverage Group is presently expanding its product line to Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.


Friends Beverage Group also manufactures the Friends Just Wine Collection TM — traditional wine products in 250 ml slim cans, with 12% alcohol. The first varietals are Cabernet Merlot and Chardonnay Sauvignon, from Southern France. New varietals are planned for launch in 2014.


Joe Peleg, CEO of Friends Beverage Group, created the new wine drink category of Friends Fun Wine. Joe received a degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University in the 1980’s and realized, after many years of serving wine to all kinds of people at his own catering and fine dining operations, that there was a market for a wine drink that would not compete with traditional wine and that would be friendlier to the palate than beer. He also saw that traditional wine was often priced beyond the reach of most people. With 25 years experience in the banquet and restaurant business, Joe learned that people wanted wine to be fun to drink, particularly women.

He also realized that many people did not like alcohol at all, many did not drink wine, and beer did not have a consumer friendly taste. So, Joe decided to go about developing wine drinks that would be as easy to drink as Gatorade, with half the alcohol content of wine, and he packaged them in attractive slim cans, like Red Bull. Although Friends Fun Wine drinks have 6% alcohol by volume, you cannot taste any alcohol. This makes Friends Fun Wine very easy to drink. Delicious flavors are the primary ingredients, and Joe is now developing new revolutionary flavors never before used in the wine market.

Visit www.friendsfunwine.com for more info.


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