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Restaurant Czar Jessica Miller

[ 0 ] Jan. 24, 2014 | SBO Editor

Jessica Miller

By Nissa Larsen

Jessica Miller is a culinary marketing specialist who was featured in Bravo TV’s Eat, Drink, Love which followed the lives of five women who ran in the same Los Angeles culinary world.  With broadcast journalism as her major at the University of Missouri, Miller reported on agriculture policy before she graduated in 2008. Two yeas later she moved to LA to handle marketing for the Ellen Degeneres Show.  While in LA she met restaurateur Harry Morton.  He noticed her talent and hired her as the Director of Marketing for representing Morton brands on a national level.

This year Jessica Miller was hired as Senior Director of Sales & Events at Cardiff Giant, continuing to corner the LA restaurant scene.  Crushing stereotypes in a male-dominated industry, Jessica is on target to become a restaurant mogul in her own right.

Marketing Magic With Jessica Miller

Q: How did you become fascinated with the restaurant business?

JM: As a child, I loved to watch my mother cook, and as an adult I became fascinated by the simple fact that food is something every living being on this planet can unite over.

Q: What are the factors that make a restaurant a success? 

JM: The real secrets to the success of a restaurant are the girls or guys working the line in the kitchen. Of course having a great exec chef is great, but it takes a village, as they say. The people that are staying overnight or coming in early to prep for the next day, and make sure your line is running smoothly are really what can make or break you.

Q: What are the biggest challenges for being a woman in a typically male-dominated industry?

JM: Making sure you set the bar high for the tone of the kitchen is important. You never want to be the buzz kill, but the bottom line is making sure all employees feel happy to come to work. Creating an appropriate environment can be challenging and ostracizing. Knowing that you’re doing the right thing will always be the best reward.

Q: What is the best part of your job? The hardest?

JM: I love working in this industry because it allows me to explore a creative side I didn’t know I had. I’ve always been very “by the book” if you will. Chefs tend to be quite the opposite and working along side of them I get to learn and explore a creative side of myself I had never tapped into.

The hardest part of my job directly correlates to why I love this industry so much.  Marketing, operations, and culinary artists tend to greatly differ, and when the positive aspects of those personalities and skill sets shine though, magic happens.

Q: Sixty percent of restaurants close in the first 5 years. What separates the winners from the losers?

JM: Location location location. The truth is, consumers are very territorial of their neighborhood. If they feel like you’re trying to pull business away from other venues, they won’t be happy. Catering to your market and making the community feel like they are part of the process is a must in order to secure revenue longevity.

Q: What makes the LA restaurant scene unique?

JM: The LA restaurant scene is the melting pot of delicious eats. Within 20 miles, you can visit restaurants with cuisine from all parts of the world.


Jessica’s Marketing Skills Make You Want to Stay, Enjoy & Eat!

Jessica Miller’s love for the restaurant industry shows through her unique marketability talents.

For more information on Jessica Miller – including the restaurants she works with – please visit:

·      Jessica Miller’s website: www.jess-miller.com

·      Cardiff Giant Hospitality Group: www.cardiffg.com

·      Churchill:  www.the-churchill.com

·      Hudson: www.thehudsonla.com

·      Fifty Seven: www.fiftysevenla.com

·      DBA:  www.dbahollywood.com

·      Clover Juice: www.cloverjuice.com


Nissa Larsen is a Contributing Editor to our magazines and sbomag.com . Follow Nissa on twitter @nisnice






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