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Putting Together Your Inventor’s Notebook

[ 0 ] Jan. 14, 2014 | SBO Editor

Leonardo Davinci notebook

From the moment they come up with their brainstorm inventors need to document their ideas in a notebook or logbook. The notebook must be accurate and detailed. It will be the first way to prove that the idea, the invention is really your own. The notebook provides a chronological account of how you developed the idea from Day One.

Start by recording the date you came up with your idea. Include notes and drawings, receipts for any purchases to help you develop your prototype, notes on conversations with manufacturers, technical specifications, dates of meetings with patent attorneys, etc.

There are guidelines you must follow for your notebook or logbook to be legally viable. The journal pages must be bound in a way that they cannot be removed. Do not use a spiral notebook where the pages can be easily removed. The notebook or logbook should be perfect bound.

Every entry must be dated and you must handwrite the book in ink never in pencil.  The logbook or notebook or journal cannot be typed on a computer with the notes then printed out and stapled or taped into the notebook. The lines cannot be skipped. The pages cannot be skipped.

You should include the name of anyone you meet with and talk to about your invention along with the date. Have the individual sign the entry as further proof that you met to discuss your idea.

You can use your inventor’s logbook if the idea is ever in dispute. The person with the most detailed notebook will win the case. (The image in the post is of Leonarda da Vinci’s notebook.)


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