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Free Promotional Products E-Book

[ 2 ] Jan. 31, 2014 | SBO Editor

Promotional products

You can download a free promotional products e-book from 4imprint. Promotional products can help you build business.

A small business logs a direct mail open rate of 16%, thanks to a colorful, branded pen. A school nurse credits a water bottle giveaway for fewer student stomachaches and headaches. An Accounts Receivable office resolves 25% of its open cases using a branded jar opener. These are just some of the success stories profiled in the Promotional Products Work 5th edition e-book from 4imprint®. The newly released guide includes dozens of ideas direct from customers who’ve used promotional products to get results in business, government, non-profit, education and healthcare organizations. The e-book draws its ideas from surveys conducted with customers who ordered and used promotional products.

Using Promotional Products

With 72 different ideas coming from a broad range of industries, this e-book is an idea-filled guide to using logo-emblazoned giveaways, promotional items, corporate apparel and personalized gifts. Customer stories include promotional products ideas to:

  • build brand awareness
  • generate tradeshow buzz
  • spread the word
  • say thank you
  • give incentives
  • promote teamwork
  • raise funds for a cause

“We are so grateful to those who have contributed their promotional products stories and ideas so that others can be inspired,” says Kevin Lyons-Tarr, CEO, 4imprint. “Our customers are so creative. It is an honor to be a part of what they are doing in their industries.”

Among the 72 ideas included in the promotional products e-book:

  • “I enclose my pens in a yearly direct mailer with the goal of turning prospects into customers. I’m guessing almost every piece gets opened because people can feel the pens inside. My bright orange pens grab attention and have staying power beyond my mail piece because they’re useful. National average response rate for direct mail is around 2%, but my mailers usually get about 16%, thanks in part to my branded pens.”
    Amy, Compass Writing
  • “I ordered water bottles for all the elementary students in my school. As the school nurse, I have emphasized how important keeping students hydrated is. Unfortunately, students don’t always bring their water bottles. So each student is given one at the start of the school year and they must keep them at school. Every week I send them through the dishwasher. Having access to water throughout the day has decreased the number of headaches and stomachaches and has made students more aware of their body’s need for hydration. I am looking forward to giving each student a new water bottle this year.”
  • “I work in collections and we use promotional items like the football jar opener to entice our borrowers to open the envelope. They can feel and hear something inside the envelope, which has resulted in about a 25% resolution rate. And the price is right so it’s a great partnership.”

The free promotional products e-book is available for download at http://4impr.in/1n7sjIe

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  • TROY

    Nice.. For More check out http://www.ObsessionWithProgression.com

  • http://www.everyonelovesbuttons.com/ Maura Statman

    There is still a place in the mix for traditional marketing methods. Promotional products are cost effective. If you give away the right product, it means brand exposure for months or even years.