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Carving A Niche: Send Notes To Loved Ones After We’re Gone

[ 0 ] Jan. 15, 2014 | SBO Editor

carving a niche

Looking for a business to start? Try carving out a new niche. That’s what Debbie Gruber has done with HeartWriting.com.

It’s a fact of life that most people would rather not dwell on, but the reality is that one day all of us must pass on. In acknowledgement of this reality, the folks at HeartWriting.com have created a website through which people can share keepsake letters with family and friends after they’ve moved on.

“Many people take care of their loved ones financially via life insurance policies and wills. But the best gift of all is to give a piece of oneself,” says Debbie Gruber, the New York-based founder of HeartWriting.com. “Imagine children or grandchildren many years from now reading a note filled with wonderful sentiments, unconditional love and bits of advice about life. As they read, big smiles spread across their faces. That note has become their touchstone, a permanent record of your heart speaking to theirs.”

How is HeartWriting.com possible? Participants write notes to loved ones, and HeartWriting.com delivers them when the time comes. HeartWriting.com’s delivery options distinguish it from its competitors. In addition to email, there’s old-fashioned postal delivery and third party delivery, through which notes are mailed to a designated person who doles out the sealed notes individually.

A variety of posthumous communication email services came and went during the 90’s dot-com boom, and many still exist. Several popular services, including DeadMansSwitch.net and DeathSwitch.com, have morbid undertones, images of tombstones and the like. In contrast, HeartWriting.com encourages people to convey positive messages. “HeartWriting.com is not about death, it’s about life and the expression of love through the creation of keepsake notes for loved ones.”

HeartWriting.com offers a free two-week trial membership. Several paid membership options are also available, including a one-year membership for $28.80.


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