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Business Travelers Can Find Automatic Price Detection With TripScanner

[ 0 ] Jan. 17, 2014 | SBO Editor
reductions with TripScanner

Flight, hotel and car rental prices can be highly volatile, often changing on a daily basis.  This offers savvy travelers an opportunity to save money by re-booking when prices drop.  The challenge is having time to monitor rates daily, so travelers can take advantage of these opportunities.

TripScanner Inc. has launched a new service, called Low-Price Scanner, making it easy for business travelers to capture these savings without having to do the legwork.

When business travelers forward an existing reservation to TripScanner, it automatically searches for lower airfares, hotel and car rental rates up until departure.  If TripScanner finds a lower price, it alerts the traveler so they can re-book and save money.

“We are excited to launch this new service, and believe it will save a significant amount of money for our customers,” said Ethan Laub, TripScanner’s founder and CEO.  “These technologies have been shown to save up to 30% on hotels, and up to 40% on car rentals.  Apply that to a typical mid-size corporate travel budget, and that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual cost savings.”

Best of all, Low-Price Scanner creates a win-win for companies and their business travelers. “We may find a lower-priced hotel down the street of the same or better quality,” said Laub.  “So the company saves money, and their employee gets to stay at a comparable hotel, or even upgrade to a better property at no extra cost.”

The same goes for flights and car rentals, creating a powerful new savings tool for TripScanner’s customers.

About TripScanner
TripScanner, Inc., is a travel technology company based in Brooklyn, NY.  TripScanner helps small-to-midsize companies track and reduce their travel expenses, while allowing employees to book business trips on their favorite websites.

Website: http://www.TripScanner.com

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