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10 Tips To Start Your Business

[ 0 ] Jan. 27, 2014 | SBO Editor


Start Your Own Business

Ready to start your business? In starting your small business, you’ll have lots of details to check and fine-tune. Here is a quick checklist of 10 things you should do as you prepare your business launch and get ready to start your business.

1. Choose a business and pick a name.

2. File a “doing business as” form with your county clerk’s office so that you can open a business bank account. You are well on your way to start your own business.

3. Open a business checking account.

4. Prepare a marketing plan and outline ways you will generate business.

5. Brush up on accounting and bookkeeping techniques and choose a system–either on paper or on computer that you plan to follow.

Get Help From the SBA

6. Call the local Small Business Administration office in your area.  Ask about their free programs, literature and seminars. Visit www.sba.gov for more info. You find info on how to start your business.

7.  Call local community colleges and schools and ask about their programs in entrepreneurship.

8. Going online to brush up techniques you need to know: marketing, advertising, etc. Bookmark our www.sbomag.com 

Start Your Business Now

Keep updated on the latest trends and information to help you start your business.

9. Write a business plan.  It can be 2 or 20 pages, but a good business plan will help you answer all the questions you need to know about your business.  It will also be a valuable tool if you need to borrow money from a bank.

10. Work on a plan to grow your business.  Yes, you’re starting on a shoestring with $100.  Where will you be in one year?  In two years?  In five years?  What are your plans and where are you going.

For more info visit http://business.usa.gov/


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