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Three Secrets To Getting More Business In The New Year

[ 0 ] Dec. 13, 2013 | SBO Editor

Want to generate more business and get more clients in the New Year? For millions of people around the world, the New Year is a time to take account, reflect and dream about 2014 goals. Now that coaching and personal development are becoming more mainstream, the Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen believes that the best way to help people achieve their goals is through personal coaching.

“Coaching is the facilitation of personal growth and change – and that’s what people need to achieve big goals,” Mickelsen says.  He trains people to become life coaches and inspires them with the mantra: “People need our help. Let’s get people coached.”

“The real problem stopping most people from connecting with a coach who has the skills to change their lives is that most coaches don’t know how to explain what they do in a way that’s compelling.” He offers a gift template called the Instant Client-Getting Tool that coaches can use with social media to attract more clients as fast as they can post it.

In working with thousands of coaches from all over the world, Mickelsen’s proven methods involve the coach delivering a powerful free coaching session and then explaining how their personal brand of coaching will help change the client’s life. That, he says, is “the key to filling a coaching business.”

Since 1999 Mickelsen and his team have trained thousands of newly minted coaches to create six-figure coaching businesses using his breakthrough system Free Sessions That Sell. That would be impressive in any industry, let alone one in which most professionals never manage to make a full-time living.

Mickelsen invites aspiring coaches to use his simple three-step action plan to start working with clients:

Step 1: Create Awareness

This can happen by simply posting on social media, building an email list of people who want help in a particular area like weight loss, sales, or business-growth, or by speaking and networking. Coaches can use his ready-made email templates, blog posts and social media posts.

Step 2: Offer a FREE Session

This is where the coach offers a potential client a valuable coaching session for free. This will empower the client to step up to their dreams and 2014 goals, uncover their challenges and explore how the coaching will make a difference. The Free Sessions That Sell program gives a 7-step process that coaches can follow, word-for-word.

Step 3: Get Hired

Coaches are often very shy about asking clients for the money. Coaching only begins when a client steps up and emotionally commits by hiring the coach. Mickelsen recommends that coaches work with clients for at least a year so they can support them all the way through to actually achieving the results they want.

“Often, a one-month, money-back guarantee is a very easy way to get clients to make a commitment to coaching,” says Mickelsen. “It gives them the opportunity to try out coaching to make sure it’s a great fit for them.”

About The Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen:

The Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen is the creator of “Free Sessions That Sell” the best-selling program that has consistently helped coaches create full practices and six-figure businesses.  His perspectives have been featured in Forbes and MSN. Mickelsen has three #1 Amazon best-selling books including “Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Clients Today And Every Day.”

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