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Spotlight on Hilary Farr

[ 0 ] Dec. 2, 2013 | SBO Editor

Hilary Farr demystifies design excellence for anyone with a décor dream.

By Nissa Larsen

Growing up in London, Hilary Farr has traveled extensively throughout the world while adding to her design briefcase as she goes.  Now settled down in Toronto, she brings her travel experience to each job she embraces.  Although she’s well-known for her part on “Love It or List It” on HGTV, she not only wants you to “Love It”, she wants to help you improve it.  Hilary combines her signature design remodeling skills and creativity with the client’s personality and taste, to give their space a breath of fresh air.

Q: What do you think makes the homeowner want to “Love It or List It?”

HF: There is no pattern to the decisions – I am surprised when they Love it, especially since I can never make the houses bigger. But, it comes down to not wanting to pack up and move if they have an option to stay.

Hilary’s Designs Make You Say ‘Love It!’

Hilary Farr’s passion for creating a cozy and comfortable home invites you to want to stay forever!

For more information on Hilary Farr - including her designs and how to purchase her merchandise - please visit: www.HilaryFarrDesign.com

Buy Hilary’s linen line at:

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Q: How do you deal with a client who wants too much design work for too little of a budget?

HF: In the show I plough through and do my best to oblige. My private clients have to sit down while I explain why champagne taste and beer budgets aren’t on the table if they want me to design for them.

Q: Who is your biggest design influence?

HF: My mother and father.

Q: Are there any new home décor design trends that you are incorporating into your repertoire?

HF: I steer clear of design trends they are transient and I like to design for the long term. I take note of green innovations and like to incorporate those when possible. Good design is timeless.

Q: Tell us about the Hilary Farr Design Home Collection from The Shopping Channel.

HF: I have a collection of beautiful, luxurious, silky, interlined draperies in colours inspired by nature: Earth tones, the sky, the ocean. They come with hand-beaded tie-backs. I love draperies. They serve a practical purpose, such as insulation and privacy. Mostly it’s about how they make every window or garden door look important and elegant. They really do transform a room. My other passion is gorgeous bedding. I have a sheet set that is 300 count embroidered Egyptian cotton that feels like silk on your skin. Pure silk hand-beaded cushions in 2 sizes and colours. And duvet cover sets to finish the look of the bed you love to sleep and hang out in! The draperies, bedding and cushions are all designed to work alone or with each other.

Q: My favorite room to renovate is…

HF: The living room, because it is a LIVING space for the whole family and their friends to enjoy.

Q: Do you have a favorite color?  Pattern?

HF: I love earth tones. My favourite pattern depends on the room and the client. I love geometric based on ancient design.

Q: The smartest piece of advice I ever got was…

HF: Be prepared for anything!

Q: “Love it or List it” is broadcast in Spain with a Spanish voice-over.  Have you heard it, and what do you think of your “voice”?

HF: I haven’t heard it yet, I must do that. I get Tweets all the time from our Spanish fans telling me they like my English accent…so I suppose they must have some episodes with subtitles?

Q: If you could redesign a room in any historical figure/celebrity’s house, who would it be?

HF: Any room in the Palace of Versailles…I would try and dial down the gold and damask a tiny bit…

Q: How can one maximize limited space when attempting to design their home office?

HF: There are no tricks, each space has different issues.  As a general rule, it’s about correctly scaled furniture – not too small but also not too large, and the placement of each piece to maximize function but make sure there is clearance to walk and access what you need which gives an illusion of space.

Q: If you could take a sneak-peek into anyone’s house, it would be…

HF: Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie

Q: People would be surprised to learn that I…

HF: Love to walk for miles in the country…frizzy hair, no make-up.  Away from the noise of the city or people. It’s my form of meditation.

Q: When I want to unwind I…

HF: Love a good massage.

Nissa Larsen is a Contributing Editor.  Follow Nissa on twitter @nisnice.

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