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Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips By Campaigner Email Marketing

[ 0 ] Dec. 18, 2013 | SBO Editor

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Campaigner Email Marketing 

has put together some last minute holiday email marketing tips.

1.     Give Your Customers a Sneak Peek Under the Tree – Now is the time of the year to conduct multi-phase campaigns. Some of the most successful holiday campaigns have included sending up to six or more emails throughout the day. How annoying, right? Surprisingly, no! Their interaction rate in response was astonishing, and very few people unsubscribed.

2.     Build a Holiday Plan – The trick is to lay out the plan with your customers: Choose a theme and alert them about upcoming deals, sales and more. Keep the messaging and content relevant, exciting and surprising. Create a virtual Christmahanwanzika for your customers, with each new email unwrapping a new present.

3.     Flash Sale: Plan 24- or 48-Hour Deals –Encourage your readers to buy or sign up before “time runs out”—a sense of urgency goes a long way. With some segmenting and strategy, you should be able to determine what excites different members of your audience – so go ahead, get creative and give them what they want!

4.     Vary Your Subject Lines – Experiment with different holiday subject lines to see what works best for your readers. When you send emails, measure the reaction and respond accordingly: For those who made purchases have a subject line like, “thanks for your purchase, more to come!” If they didn’t buy anything, salvage the relationship with a subject line such as “sorry for filling your inbox, we’ll alert you to something terrific next time.” The key here is to personalize the messages so your customers know you’re actually paying attention and not just spamming.

5.     Invest Time in Creative – Tis the season…to work some holiday themes into your email templates. Get creative: Now is the time of the year when competition for eyeballs is fierce (even more than usual), and people are spending more time reviewing your offers and comparing them with their friends and your competitors.

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