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Five Fun Pet Businesses You Can Begin Today

[ 0 ] Dec. 13, 2013 | SBO Editor

pet photography business

Pets are a big business. In the United States alone consumers spend more than $50 billion a year on their pets. Here are a few ways you can cash in:

1.PET BOOTS: You can make and sell boots for dogs. They will be a hit in urban areas where salt is routinely put on the icy and dirty streets. Get a website, start selling.

2.PET FOOD DELIVERY: Perfect for people with lots of pets and a perfect service to sell to senior citizens. You cart the 25 pound bags of feed or food right to your customer’s home. You can also sell dishes and water containers for extra profit.

3.  SHUTTLE SERVICE: There are plenty of people who need to travel long distances each weekend. They are going off to their country home or going to visit relatives in another state. Often they travel on train or air shuttle and can’t take their beloved pet. You can start a business carting the pets in a van.

4. PHOTOGRAPHY: If you have a lot of patience and a good camera, start a business taking formal portraits or whimsical photos of pets.

5. CUSTOMIZED STUFFED ANIMALS: If you have a knack for crafts, consider making stuffed animals that look like specific pets. You can work from photos and sell these little creatures online or via mail order.


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