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What Exactly Is Cloud Storage?

[ 0 ] Nov. 13, 2013 | SBO Editor

Here are tips from NextAdvisor on the Cloud:

Cloud storage is a new way to organize, share and save information. Instead of relying solely on your computer’s hard drive for backup of your electronic files, those files will be safely and easily stored on the web. The other major advantage to the cloud is accessibility. You can access your files from just about any location that has Internet access. Almost all cloud services have the ability to sync your files in the cloud with any device you enable your account on. This means you have access to all the same files no matter where you are. You can pull up your latest project on your phone on your way into work, continue working on that project on your work computer, and finish it at home on your tablet. After every update, your files are automatically synced in the cloud and multiple versions are kept just in case of an emergency. The ease and practicality of using the cloud is limitless, but when searching for the right service there are a few things to keep in mind.┬áHere are the top 3 things to look for when choosing the right cloud storage service for you.


One of the major advantages to having cloud storage is the ability to access your information anywhere at anytime on any Internet-enabled device. When looking for a cloud service, make sure that the service has some type of mobile app and tablet-based app if you are planning on working on the go. Even if you don’t plan on using the cloud on the go, it can come in very handy in many situations. For example, if you you are on vacation taking pictures with your device, those pictures can be automatically stored straight to the cloud. Mobility is one of the greatest advantages of the cloud, so if you plan on getting cloud-based storage, make sure it has mobile apps.

Storage Space

Space is another essential part of choosing the right service. The amount of space you need for your cloud storage can often times determine which service is best for you. Many services offer a limited amount of space and charge extra for those looking to add on to their existing accounts. So when setting up your cloud storage service, keep in mind how much you will be storing and how much it costs to add additional space to your account.


For many people, security is the most important factor when looking for a new cloud service. Chances are that you are going to be keeping some of your most important files and documents on the cloud, so it’s important to figure out how safe those files will be. Make sure to check and see if the service has data encryption. Data encryption is one of the best ways to deter hackers and identity thieves. Some other services even go an extra step, such as Spideroak, which offers a “Zero-Knowledge” policy that insures that no one will ever have access to your password or information, even the employees of Spideroak.

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