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Seven Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

[ 0 ] Nov. 21, 2013 | SBO Editor

Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy put together these seven questions for leaders in their book, “Now, Build A Great Business,” AMACOM, writing that it is in difficult markets that the most successful companies invest more, not less, in seven key practices. These seven principles for sustainable business success are posed as questions that you must ask yourself:

1. Your Leadership: What results are expected of you, and what do your people need form you to contribute their full potential to your business?

2. Your Plan:What is your plan to generate greater sales and profitability, and how is it working? Could there be a better way?

3. Your Team: How do you attract and keep great people and inspire them to perform at their best in achieving business results?

4. Your Product: What are you great at building, who are your ideal customers, and what product or service qualities will attract more of them?

5. Your Marketing:What is your competitive advantage–that factor that makes your product or service superior to anything else available, and how do you convey this message to your potential customers?

6. Your Sales: What must your potential customers be convinced of so that they want to buy from you rather than your competitor?

7. Your Customer Experience: What do your customers need and want, and what can you do to make them so happy that they buy from you again and eagerly tell their friends about your business?

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