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5 Tips To Make Your Website Global-Savvy

[ 1 ] Nov. 1, 2013 | SBO Editor

No matter where we are based, we are working in a global setting. Make sure your website is “international-ready” by following these five tips:

1. Make Loading Fast: most of the world does not operate on a high-speed connection, so to maximize your reach, make sure your website loads very quickly.

2. Check Your Numbers: most of the world does not use our clock and operates on a 24-hour clock. Learn that 13:00 hours is 1 p.m. Use the 24-hour clock. Make sure you follow international date format, too. The U.S. uses month/day/year while much of the rest of the world uses year/month/day or year/day/month. Don’t forget that the rest of the world is following the metric system. Include a converter on your website if you are dealing in any measurements of products.

3. Be Sure To Include Your International Calling Code: Add it to your business cards and any other letterhead, postcards, etc. that you use.

4. Be Careful Of Color: Some colors are offensive in other cultures. In Asia, the color white is a symbol of death, while in the U.S. we associate it with purity. Black text on a white background is fairly uniform and a safe choice around the world.

5. Be Aware Of Regional Differences: If you are engaged in e-commerce worldwide, remember that only in the U.S. do we use zip codes. Make sure you work with shippers that are familiar with international routes and deliveries. Always include a currency converter on your website to assist customer orders.

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  • Rudolph

    Tip # 6 Mexico uses Z.C. too thank you ………………….