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5 Tips To Help You Hire The Right Person

[ 0 ] Nov. 1, 2013 | SBO Editor

Looking to hire a worker for your small business for the holiday season or long term? Follow these five simple tips to make sure you get the right person for the job:

1. Take some time to write out a job description. Putting down a list of what you want this person to do for you will help you formulate who is the right person for the job. What types of skills will they need to accomplish what you are asking of them? Make sure you find a qualified candidate the first time around by mapping out exactly who you need for the job.

2. Ask around. You might want to begin placing ads right away to find the candidates, but ask your friends and colleagues. They might know of a worker who didn’t fit their company, but who would be a great match for your business.

3. Interview with a purpose. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs wind up talking about their company goals and targets without really finding out the necessary info required from the candidate. Take it down a notch and focus on the person being interviewed for the job. Resist the urge to get excited about your company and spend all of the time talking.

4. Find a good fit for your style. If you like to wear jeans everyday and a t-shirt and that works for your particular buisness, hire someone who is comfortable doing the same and feels at home in a more casual setting. Some people can only work in a shirt with a collar — hire for your company culture. This will help prevent attitutudes from clasing in the future.

5. Learn about the candidate’s motivations. Really try and get the person being interviewed to talk about why they want the job. Are they looking long-term or short-term? Will they be going back to school at some point? Do they desperately need money and will take any job? Try and uncover the motivations to get someone who will really love working at your company, rather than someone who just needs to pay the bills but is not enthused by the nature of your enterprise.

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