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5 Steps To Get Your Small Business Into Social Media

[ 0 ] Nov. 15, 2013 | SBO Editor

Social media cannot be ignored. Your customers use it, your competition is using it, and even your family members and friends want to follow you on twitter. Social media is free and is inflential. You have to step into the fray by setting up accounts with as many platforms as you feel will benefit, promote and market your enterprise.

1. The first step is to identify the social media sites you want to join. Set up a Facebook page for your small business with an email address, a password and your website. Do the same for twitter. Here are additional social media sites to consider include LinkedIn, GooglePlus+, Instagram and Meetup. You can do a Google search for other groups that are targeted to your niche.

2. Set up user profiles for your business at all the major community social media sites. Start with the most popular sites first  and then head to smaller niche sites you discover through your blog research. Include a link to your website and a short introduction to what your business does in your bio. Remember, don’t make it hard sell or pushy in any way — keep it informative and friendly.

3. Once you’ve set up your profile on a site, do searches there to find users and groups that relate to your business. An easy way to do this is to enter keywords into the search bar and see what comes up!

4. Add yourself to communities that share common interests with your business by joining groups, and “following” like-minded people or requesting them as “friends.” Spend some time checking out what types of conversations and discussions are going on between your new friends, and in your new communities, then join in the discussion when you’ve had a chance to gauge the tone and activity there.

5. When you’re ready to join in the discussion or communicate with other members, keep your sales pitch to a minimum. In social networking, you’re not out there selling — you’re getting your name out onto the Web and building relationships with potential customers and other business owners. When you post on your blog or in social networking groups, your focus should always be on providing valuable information and expertise, as that’s the kind of content that will get people interested in you and your business.

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