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SBOMAG Roundup: 10 Micro Businesses You Can Start Today

[ 0 ] Oct. 15, 2013 | SBO Editor

Micro-biz is a hot and fast growing segment in the small business community. Everyone wants to start a side gig to earn extra cash even if they have no plans to leave their current job. If you want to pick up anywhere from $250 to an extra $5000 a month, consider starting a micro-business, working at home to cut costs.

A micro-business is defined as a firm with five or fewer employees, started for $50,000 or less in initial capital and that may not have access to traditional commercial loans. Micro Enterprises start small, but can grow quickly into large job-generating businesses.  In fact, 85% of all businesses in the U.S. are micro!  These very small firms generate close to 25% of all jobs in our economy.

Here are 10 you can launch today:

1. Cake Boss: Start your own specialty cake biz. Brush up on new techniques and start marketing.
2. Yard Cleanup: Pull weeds, rake leaves and make extra cash–as much as $300 a weekend.
3. Ad Specialties: Start a business putting names and logos on pens, mugs and more. Use a drop shipper so you don’t have to stock inventory. Our Business Opportunity guide at sbomag.com has resources for you.
4. Birthday Party Superhero: Buy a costume and develop an act to perform at parties, store openings, etc.
5. Sports Videos: Make videos of golfer’s swings, tennis players, etc. Provide clients with DVD.
6. House Painter: Paint houses on weekends. Team up with a friend and make it fun to pocket the cash.
7. Tailor: Handy with hemming? There are plenty of clients waiting. Pick up and work at home.
8. Pet Sitting: There are pets that need care when their owners are at work or out for the night.
9. Errands for Seniors: Start an errand service for seniors: go to post office, grocery shop, etc.
10. Parking Lot Cleanup: Work at night and off-hours; cleanup trash in strip malls, gas stations and other lots.

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