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Postini Users: How To Prevent Spam From Flooding Your Email

[ 0 ] Oct. 28, 2013 | SBO Editor

By Julie May

CEO of bytes knowledge

Take yourself back to 1999. Remember when Y2K symbolized the death of the technological world as we knew it? Well, this time the technological threat is real and 26 million people could lose their email security as a result.

By the end of the year, Google will retire Postini, its popular spam filtering and email archiving product. If Postini users don’t act soon their inboxes could be full of spam and their computers loaded with viruses.

To avoid problems with your email, it’s time to strategize and decide what steps to take so that your email isn’t raided with spam.

You have two choices:

1.Transition to Google Apps. Google has built similar, Postini-like email security and archiving features into Google Apps services:

· Google Apps for Business/Government/Education – A professional suite of hosted email, calendar and collaboration services

·Google Apps Vault – Archiving and discovery services for email available as a Google Apps add-on

According to Google, the two services will allow users to “receive comparable email security, protection and archiving, but through the more robust Google Apps platform.” Google also claims that the transition is seamless.

It’s important to note, however, that while Google will continue to support mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, Google Apps Vault will not support archiving for Lotus Notes or Domino. If your business uses Lotus Notes or Domino, you will need to look to another solution for your email archiving needs.

While Google Apps’ services closely reflect Postini’s offerings, and the pricing remains almost unchanged for similar features, it’s still important to evaluate your business needs and your satisfaction with Google Apps’ offerings. If Google provides your business with the level of email security you need, that’s great—stick with it. If not, you may benefit from switching to an alternative solution—particularly one that offers email continuity or encryption.

2.Migrate to an alternative solution. If you’re not fully satisfied with Postini’s current services, then switching to Google Apps won’t satisfy your needs. Depending on your budget and the size of your business, you may benefit from and need additional services, such as email continuity and encryption, neither of which are included in either of Google Apps’ new services.

·Email continuity gives you the ability to login and retrieve your mail while your server is down.

· Encryption allows your data to be converted into a form that can’t be easily understood by unauthorized people. It helps secure your files to prevent others from reading or changing them.

If you decide to move your mail system, it’s important to know that you will also have to transfer your mail. The transfer process can take four to six hours. While there is a lag time in the process, if you have an anti-spam provider, your mail won’t get lost, as the anti-spam provider stores emails that are up to 30-days-old.

About The Author:

Julie May is CEO of bytes of knowledge, a Nashville-based full-service IT firm, which she founded in 1995 and has built into one of Nashville’s leading technology companies, providing digital media development and comprehensive IT services. Visit bytes of knowledge online at www.bytesofknowledge.com or contact Julie at Julie.May@bytesofknowledge.com.

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