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National Association of Small Business Professionals Introduces Sponsorship Opportunities

[ 0 ] Oct. 1, 2013 | SBO Editor

The National Association of Small Business Professionals (NASBP) announces the pre-launch of its ‘Stronger Together’ membership drive campaign, an initiative aimed at attracting smaller business owners in search of affordable solutions to the ongoing marketing and business growth challenges they often face alone. ‘Stronger Together’ is scheduled to officially launch on November 11th with the goal of expanding the NASBP’s reach through increased awareness via educational sponsorship grants and marketing partnerships that will highlight the critical importance of the association’s advocacy work on behalf of smaller business owners. To introduce potential members to the organization, the NASBP’s goal is to raise and secure sponsorship funding and partnerships to launch its aggressive print collateral and online marketing membership outreach campaign goal of $100,000.

According to recent data published by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy smaller businesses with fewer than twenty employees contribute to the U.S. economy by comprising over 80% of the 27 million SBA classified small businesses currently in operation, 78.5% of which having no employees and 52% representing viable home-based businesses.

“The NASBP is proud to serve as one of the very few membership associations dedicated solely to supporting one of the most underserved segments within the small business community, smaller businesses in operation less than 5 years,” said NASBP founder and COO Kimberly Kelly. “That’s why the theme of our ‘Stronger Together’ campaign is about partnership and collaboration. As an organization we’re committed to partnering with our members by providing them with a membership experience that over-delivers on its promises and goes that extra mile to offer a value-centric suite of benefits that actually helps these fledgling smaller businesses to grow and prosper. Although we may be idealists here, we certainly realize we just can’t accomplish these lofty goals alone and still maintain our commitment to offering very low membership fees. Therefore, we’re equally committed to collaboration and want to reach out to like-minded businesses to ask for their sponsorship help and support.”

The National Association of Small Business Professionals’ three month-long, multi-media membership campaign will involve a series of targeted online and offline marketing thrusts that will present an invaluable opportunity for potential sponsors to receive prominent representation on the NASBP’s website, in its educational printed media and membership kit, with eBook co-branding and with online video and paid search co-branded advertising opportunities aimed at expanding membership.

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