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Make Money Now!

[ 2 ] Oct. 7, 2013 | SBO Editor

Top 25 easy-launch businesses with great moneymaking potential for the New Year and beyond.

We’ve rounded up 25 businesses for you to consider launching right now. They have been selected for their viability and cultural popularity among customers; for their value, and longevity in the marketplace and ease in the startup. There is something for every interest and budget. As always, we recommend that you conduct your own research and due diligence before investing in any type of business opportunity package or system. Make sure it is the right one for you in your particular area.

1. Run Your Own Website Venture.You don’t need a brick and mortar facility to make money with your own store, selling your own product or providing a service to your customers. Start a business with a website. And, you don’t need to hire an expensive designer to create a winning look with a wide variety of options and tools.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 1&1 Internet, comments, “The Internet makes it much easier today to start a business. A powerful website and the right tools to attract customers can often be the key needed to transform a business dream into a real life success. Modern website packages deliver the necessary eBusiness elements for attracting, interacting and transacting with online consumers – ready to place your website on top of Search Engines and connect you with Internet communities like Facebook, Twitter and eBay. Since you can use these powerful tools over the Web with no software or programming skills needed, starting a website is easier than many realize – the result being that a sideline or hobby business can become economically feasible and conducive to work/life balance.”

1&1 MyWebsite offers easy website creation in minutes with industry-specific templates and content for over 200 business types, and is ideal for start-up companies. Integral social media and Web analytics tools allow business owners to better understand and engage with their online audiences. 1&1 MyWebsite also offers more than 100 Web applications that can be added simply by “drag and drop” into a website design to add functionality across eCommerce, communication, social media, or business management.

You can choose from hundreds of professional designs, edit content, text and images, and add apps to make your website interactive.

1&1 Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of United Internet, a profitable public company with a market cap of more than $5 billion. 1&1 was founded in 1988 and manages more than 11 million domain names, while more than 70,000 servers run in the company’s five state-of-the-art, green data centers. 1&1’s global community is over 12 million customer contracts strong. The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.1and1.com or contact the company at 1-877-GO-1AND1, on Facebook, or follow us on www.twitter.com/1and1.

2. Become The Button King Or Queen. You can cash in with a home-based button business and you can start for $29.95. The Badge-A-Minit Company is in business to help you establish your own company that sells buttons, magnets, key chains, jar lids, photo buttons and more.

Sell to your customers that range from local sports teams and political candidates to families that are hosting reunions or small businesses that are celebrating a milestone.

Sell at crafts fairs, flea markets, school functions, community events and anywhere else where crowds gather and you can set up your table to merchandise your wares. The Badge-A-Minit company suggests that you can earn anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour selling professional custom buttons. Make them for as little as 19 cents.

This is a great opportunity to start your own business on a part-time or weekend basis and grow the opportunity as your momentum builds. Contact Badge-A-Minit by visiting www.badgeaminit.com or by calling 800-223-4103. They will send you a free catalog to learn more. The company is based in Oglesby, Illinois.

3. Cash In On Tough Times. Leland von Syring is the president of Charter Financial, a company that will pay you to locate individuals who are receiving payments from mortgages, court settlements, lottery winnings and more—Charter Financial will purchase their notes and pay you a referral fee. Brokering notes has become a huge opportunity during the past decade. Entrepreneurs can work from home on a full-time or part-time basis.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, and a graduate of Texas State University at San Marcos (then known as Southwest Texas State University),Leland von Syring began his career in the restaurant industry and eventually worked his way up to owning two restaurants in Houston, Texas.

After years in the restaurant industry, Leland searched for “the perfect” business that allowed for more flexibility along with excellent income potential. He found that opportunity when a friend suggested he consider buying privately held notes. After briefly researching the industry potential, Leland began working the business and found immediate success. Within nine months of starting his new business at a part-time level, he sold his restaurants and began working the note business on a full-time basis.

Eager to learn as much as possible, Leland made it a point to read everything he could find on the subject and also attended note conventions and seminars around the country.

Armed with a growing knowledge of the note business and a desire to increase business, Leland created the “Building Wealth Together” program. This program was designed to teach individuals how to locate note holders so that Charter Financial could purchase their notes. This program has been a huge success not only for all Charter Financial associates but for the company as well.

Leland has grown the company from a one-man operation to being a national leader in the note industry with offices in 5 states with over 25 employees. Leland is still active in the company and enjoys speaking with and training his associates.

Leland is most proud of the fact that that he is able to help individuals reach their earnings potential, changing their lives for the better. He also takes pride in the fact that his company is consistently recognized as a leader in the industry and annually recognized by the Houston Better Business Bureau as one of its outstanding members.

You can visit www.brokeropp.com or call the company based in Houston, Texas, at
888-539-3707 to learn more.

4. Become A Cruise Expert & Travel Planner. You can feel as though you are on vacation every day by launching your own Cruises Inc. vacation specialist enterprise right at home. Celebrating 31 years in business, Cruises Inc. is the travel industry’s original business opportunity. According to the company, “As part of World Travel Holdings (WTH), we are the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations. By joining our family, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you are associated with the very best in the industry. So go ahead, make your life’s work a vacation!”

The cruise industry is the most exciting vacation category in the United States and Canada. Its average rate of growth has been far greater than any other category in the Travel Industry. Currently travel is a $60-billion industry, still with tremendous upside.

Cruises Inc. will help you establish your own independent travel agent business. You keep 60-100% of commissions on the trips you book. Intrigued? Contact Cruises Inc. by visiting www.sellcruises.com or calling 877-714-4072.

In comparison to other typs of vacations, cruing holds the highest percentage of participants who express extreme satisfaction (45%). All-inclusive resorts have the second highest satisfaction levels (42%), followed by visiting friends/relatives (40%). This is higher than the rate of extreme satisfaction of land-based packages (29%). Some cruise lines themselves experience far greater than the (45%) and strive for a near 100%. This means that you can sell cruises with greater confidence knowing that your customers will have a greater chance of being satisfied.

Sources used for this industry overview include CLIA and Business Research & Economic Advisors.

5. Run A City Guide Directory. A City America Directory is an interesting and fun home-based business. The sky is the limit in terms of your moneymaking potential. You manage and run a city guide directory website.
Make money by selling ads on your site. Advertising options for local businesses via your new local city directory are numerous. For instance: Display local business descriptions, logos, company name, contact information, location mapping, link to their website, banner display, printable coupons, classified listings, premium listings, bold listings, highlighted listings, attention grabbers, and prime advertising spots on your city directory, just to name a few.

You can also print your directory and sell that, too. City America will help you with sales and marketing tools, and will provide ongoing support and training.

Visit the City America Directory website at www.CityAmerica.com or call the Jupiter, Florida-based company at 800-856-9870.

6. Start A Keepsake Engraving Biz.Even if you are not an artist and can’t draw a line or have lousy penmanship, you can start a high-quality laser engraving business with help from Epilog Laser. The company has an all-new Fusion Laser System that can help you create custom awards and recognition keepsakes in no time at all.

Here’s just one case study of many from Epilog Laser:

In business for 20 years, Elite Engraving & Embroidery knows that to stay ahead of your competition you must seek out tools and equipment that allow you to offer your customers what other vendors can’t. That’s why they decided to purchase an Epilog Laser system. “We decided to purchase a laser system for several reasons,” said Jim Buker, owner of Elite Engraving & Embroidery. “We felt in order to stay ahead of our competitors we needed to add something new to our business, but we also wanted something that would work in conjunction with existing equipment. The laser fulfilled that requirement since it is able to cut fabrics for appliqués in our embroidery system, and also engrave just about everything else I previously could not with my other two router engravers.”

Though Jim had seen laser engraving systems in action before, he had relatively limited knowledge about the equipment and its capabilities.

“I have to say I had no idea what to look for in a laser engraving system, so I had to educate myself,” Jim said. “I did this by talking with long-standing suppliers who I purchase from who were using several different laser systems. After talking with some folks in the industry, it boiled down to three manufacturers.

“I decided to purchase an Epilog Laser Helix because it got great reviews from the people I spoke to. The one major criterion that I did have was a significant Z-axis depth, and Epilog has the deepest. I require that because I engrave cremation urns and I needed the maximum depth I could get.”

Check out the Epilog Laser website at www.epiloglaser.com or call the company at 888-437-4564. They have something for every budget and business interest.

7. Help Clients Reduce Waste Dis-posal & Recycling Costs. Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS) founded the waste management consulting industry more than 15 years ago and have already saved hundreds of companies anywhere from ten percent to fifty percent of their existing waste disposal and recycling costs.

If the company saves a client $8000 a month, EWS collects $4000 a month as their fee. They are looking for individuals who want to join forces with them and mine the untapped potential of this lucrative field. As an EWS Associate, you’ll earn 15% of the savings EWS collects from the client—that amounts to $600 per month for 60 months. Your task was to set up and attend the original meeting that helped EWS land the deal.

Mr. Darwyn Williams founded the waste management consulting industry and began development of the current EWS business plan and revenue model.

Here’s what one husband and wife duo had to say about EWS: Mitch & Veronica Williams
“Since attending the training seminar four months ago we have Joint Ventured with EWS and signed a high profile hotel, and two large country clubs. We are picking up a contract tomorrow for a large restaurant chain, and have very high expectations of getting a contract for a school board with 280 schools in the next three weeks. This business is everything I hoped it would be and I’m very excited about our future.”

There is no overhead and you can work from home on a full-time or part-time basis. For more information, visit their website www.environmental-waste.com.

8. Garage Organizing Expert. What’s something almost every homeowner with a garage has in common? If you said, the garage is a mess, you are right! This is the neglected job that everyone says will get accomplished at some point down the road. What if a local small business could come in and offer an affordable service that would arrange and systematize the chaos and the confusion?

Garage Experts wants you to join them and will show you how to start your own garage organizing and uncluttering business. Garage Experts is positioned well to provide the services needed by homeowners who are updating or enhancing their garages every day. Many industry insiders report that the garage improvement business can be compared to the ground level opportunities of the closet improvement industry 10-15 years ago and are projecting growth in that sector even in this down economy.

Garage Experts offers a turnkey business opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are driven to provide a great product and value to their customer.

Says the company, “Garage Experts has positioned itself to become the leader in the garage makeover market. Our dealers have an edge over other companies because they will be purchasing the coatings and cabinets direct from the manufacturer.”

Garage Experts provide cabinets, slat wall storage, overhead storage, industrial floors and or decorative concrete coating. Learn about the company and their business opportunity by visiting www.GarageExperts.com or by calling the Anaheim, California, headquarters at 800-768-1175.

9. Provide Heavy Industry With Pneumatic Torque Tools. The Torque Gun Company was founded in 2008 by the worldwide leader in Hydraulic Torque Tools, HYTORC, to provide heavy industry with pneumatic torque tools. The company is looking for individuals who want to set up and develop a territorial sales network to sell or rent their products. Customers would include the nuclear, oil, gas, refining, mining, sub-sea, offshore, military, aerospace, wind power, heavy construction, transportation industries and more.

According to the company, “The purpose of creating a separate organization focusing on pneumatics was due to the fact that the pneumatic torque tool market had become stagnant. It became stagnant in the sense that revolutionary, new, exciting products became a rarity, with companies preferring to stick to the known rather than venturing outside of the box. The TorqueGun Company was created to change that, and in two short years, we are well on our way.

“While a completely separate entity from HYTORC, the TGC shares in HYTORC’s focus on technology and service. With revolutionary products like the THRILL Gun, WheelGun and Dual Speed Plus, the TGC is already setting a new standard for Pneumatic Torque Tooling. Our team of engineers and sales managers is constantly looking for ways to improve upon existing products, as well as creating new ones when a need is recognized in industry. Our team has a knack for being able to put themselves in the shoes of a user, because many of them have been in those very shoes at one time or another. This enables them to design and implement improvements that actually make a difference to the end user.”

Visit the website at www.TorqueGun.com to learn more about the opportunity and the company based in S. Hackensack, New Jersey.

10. Start Your Own Italian Ice Push Cart Business. Regular readers of our magazines know that we love Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices & Push Carts business opportunity. The cost is low, the products are delicious and contain no fat/no dairy/ no cholesterol and no high-fructose corn syrup, and the carts are easy to run and maintain.

There is no experience required and oh, did we mention that the cart can fit in most mini-vans or SUV’s? Plus, the carts require no electricity or dry ice, so you can take them anywhere and set up your business.

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is a great promotion, giveaway and HR morale employee incentive for any company, organization, or marketing firm. You can provide your Italian Ice Push Cart for corporate events, trade shows, grand openings, company picnics, and business employee morale-building parties.

Sporting events attract loads of fans that love to watch the game while enjoying Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. Bring your cart to the local sports event, beach or community gathering. Call the local Village Hall to inquire about any permits or license you might need to sell in your area.

Your clients will also be fundraisers, organizational, church and school parties, birthdays, reunions, picnics, and pool parties.

What more can we say? Visit www.ITALIANICE.net to learn more about Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices & Push Carts or call the company at 800-763-4348.

11. Sell Promotional Advertising Specialties. Advertising Specialties is a $20 billion business. Kaeser & Blair is the oldest promotional advertising specialty company in the United States with the largest network of authorized dealers. The Company was founded in 1894 as the Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co., in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1923, Dutch Kaeser and Bill Blair purchased Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co. and incorporated the Company into what is now known as Kaeser & Blair, Inc.

Kaeser & Blair revolutionized the industry by selling advertising, branding and promotional products that were marketed through independent sales professionals. This new approach produced an exclusive national network of independent sales professionals and Kaeser & Blair experienced significant growth, prospering through The Great Depression. The Company eventually expanded its offerings to include more than just paper products; adding items such as imprinted pencils, matchbooks, calendars and more.

In 1951, Bill Blair retired and Dutch Kaeser forged an agreement with his entrepreneurial sons Dick Kaeser and John Kaeser to merge and acquire their successful printing business, Kaeser Incorporated. Together, the Kaesers continued to build their business through solid strategy, purposeful leadership and sound business practices focused on marketing through independent sales professionals.

Dutch Kaeser passed away in 1970 and Dick and John Kaeser each held a term as President of the Company between 1966 and 1983. During this time together, the brothers continued to grow Kaeser and Blair, Inc. and built upon the success and legacy of their father. This continued growth and success eventually lead the Kaesers to pursue advertising and marketing products that were not manufactured in Kaeser & Blair’s manufacturing facilities. These products were called “advertising specialties” and provided Kaeser and Blair’s independent network of sales professionals access to thousands of new products and opportunities from leading brands.

In the early 1980s the Company had completely transitioned out of manufacturing and were focused on supporting its network of independent sales professionals, now called Dealers. John Kaeser retired in 1983 and Dick Kaeser once again resumed control of the Company. Recognizing it was time to prepare the next generation to lead Kaeser & Blair, Dick began the process of passing control to his son and daughter, Kurt Kaeser and Christy Kaeser, both of whom were actively involved in the business.

Christy showed interest and promise in tackling special projects and activities on the Company’s behalf and Kurt demonstrated a strong passion and commitment to serve dealers. Together, the siblings brought consistency of leadership, experience and strength to the Company.

During this time the Company also launched its respected Best Buys catalog and the establishment of Kaeser & Blair’s Annual Convention. The convention or “Family Reunion” as some dealers have called it, is designed to celebrate dealer achievement, provide leading educational insight and a private trade show.

Kurt Kaeser became President in 1996 and continues to lead a talented team of proven executives. He oversees the day-to-day management of the company and provides vision for the future. Christy Kaeser continues her demonstrated leadership, as Managing Director of Special Projects.

With a vision and strategy for the future, The Kaesers and everyone at Kaeser & Blair, Inc. continue to use their wisdom and the unique understanding of Dealers, which has been passed down from generation to generation, to ensure the longevity and success of Kaeser and Blair, Inc.

Many of their dealers earn more than $100,000 a year and the company suggests that if you place an order a day, you’ll earn $26,000 a year.

Kaeser & Blair advertising specialties include everything from caps, golf balls and umbrellas to mugs, windbreakers, tote bags and much, much more.

The company will provide you with sales tools, website and instant access to your profits via direct deposit. To learn more about this opportunity, visit their website: www.kaeser-blair.com or call the Batavia, Ohio-based company at 800-642-0790.

12. Set Up A Photo Booth Business.The Mojo Photo Booth is a fun and easy to operate business opportunity. Basically, you purchase a professional and high-quality, commercial-grade photo booth from Mojo and then run it or rent it out for parties, corporate events, trade shows, you-name-it.

You don’t need any business experience to run this enterprise. The company will help you finance the cost. You can transport the foldable booth in any passenger car. The setup is just 15 minutes. The photo booth can fit up to 10 adults.

Mojo will also customize the booth for you with your company name and can provide you with green screen and video technology for extra impact.

Touch screen video with integrated iPod speaker system is also available. The company suggests that the average national photo booth rental is $1027.

Learn more about how you can get started with your own photo booth business by them at www.mojophotobooth.com or call the company at 888-484-MOJO(6656).

13. Roofing Riches. Pace Products is a company that has been in business for decades helping entrepreneurs purchase their products and learn how to provide the Pace Seamless Spray process to seal roofs.

Some of the small business owners who use their products and system have clients like the local car dealership, hospitals, local banks and other businesses and homes in the communities in which they operate. Many Pace entrepreneurs get their business through positive word-of-mouth. These referrals are golden and have many earning six-figure incomes. You don’t apply the product. You sell Pace’s roof sealant and the customer has his own workers apply it. Of, if you prefer, you can handle the application process yourself and make even more money.

With this type of business, you can set your own hours. Start part-time and keep your current job; grow the business into a full-time opportunity.

For more info contact Pace Products at
www.paceproducts.com or 800-656-0040. They are based in Prairie Village, Kansas.

14. Mobile Automotive Reconditioning & Repair. We all see them and we all have them. Those unsightly dings, dents, upholstery tears and rim indents on our precious autos. You can start this recession-proof, high profit, big demand business and make it even more desirable to your customers by offering a mobile service. You go to their home or office location and perform Paint Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Interior Repair, Headlight Restoration and Rim Repair.

Paint Bull—We Paint Green—can show you how. They will teach you their techniques and you can launch your own business as a Paint Bull affiliate. You’ll tap into their name recognition and they’ll refer customers right to you in your area. The Paint Bull team consists of literally hundreds of Mobile Automotive Restoration Technicians throughout the country. These Independent Business owners are committed to providing only the highest quality of repairs with the best service at the most affordable pricing possible.

Car Dealerships, Detail Shops, and of course the General Public all call on Paint Bull Affiliates throughout the country to fix minor damage on their vehicles quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality.

Traditionally, people would have to take their vehicle to a body shop and wait for days to have even the most minor damage repaired. The cost was outrageous but the thought of being without a vehicle was unimaginable! The end result: People drive around with scuffed bumpers, door dings, scratches, stone chips…the damage you see every day and probably even have on your own vehicle.

Every Paint Bull Certified Affiliate is trained and supplied with the proper equipment and materials to perform body shop quality repairs. Our training department has years of experience in the industry and will make sure you are fully prepared to receive your Certified Affiliate Designation.

Not only will you carry the Paint Bull name and Logo, you will be tied in to benefits others independent vendors aren’t such as: supply discounts, marketing assistance, customer referrals special technical updates, promotions and your very own CSA!

What’s a CSA? All Paint Bull Certified Affiliates will be assigned a Customer Services Area (CSA). It’s their home base, their assigned territory, which Paint Bull will help market in. All customers generated in your CSA will immediately be referred to you.

Visit www.paintbullbusiness.com or call 800-800-5725. The company is headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan.

15. Home Services From An Industry Leader. The Rotovac company has been around for many years helping entrepreneurs launch a variety of businesses.

One of Rotovac’s most well-known business opportunity packages is their carpet cleaning venture. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, Rotovac’s powerhouse is equipped with stainless steel vacuum slots and spray jets that rotate at 250 rpm to deep clean the carpet from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes.

The Professional Equipment Package is well-priced and training is included.

Another product from Rotovac Professional Cleaning Equipment line is their Tile & Grout Cleaning System. It will help you restore, reseal tile and grout for your residential and commercial customers. It can also be used on showers and any hard surface. This unit can also be adapted to clean carpets. Earn anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour.

Cleaning businesses have long since proved to be effectively recession-proof. Contact Rotovac by visiting their website at www.rotovac.com or call the company at 877-467-6868.

16. Security Systems. If you are already working in home services or as a contractor, this is a perfect add-on business opportunity. You work with Security Doctors to sell your customers security systems: Security Doctors will install them and you make money on the commission. You make a profit on every installation.

Security Doctors provides advanced, customizable security solutions to homes and businesses across North America and is comprised of an exclusive network of highly trained Authorized Security Professionals.
“Our Monitoring Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – protecting over $100 billion in property and assets, and securing the homes of more than 100,000 families. All Security Doctors Authorized Professionals are thoroughly screened for technical competency, and must exhibit a long-standing commitment to customer service and satisfaction,” according to the company.

The company will give you training and provide marketing materials to help you make the sale. The initial investment is just $449. Exclusive territories are available. Visit the company website: www.securitydoctors.com/alarm-sales or call 877-479-0006.

17. Clean Barbecues. The BBQ Cleaner can help you establish your own mobile barbecue cleaning business. They have a proven and tested system for cleaning barbeque grills. You purchase the system from the company and they will show you how to use their patent pending cleaning operation. They also provide marketing materials and a startup guide to help you start making money.

“The BBQ Cleaner gave me everything I needed to live my dream of being a successful business owner. I am so thankful for what this has done for my family,” said Matt Moore of Atlas Grill Cleaning.

You can have onsite training if you like and enjoy a small business where you are home-based and work according to your own schedule. Visit www.thebbqcleaner.com to learn more. You can also call 888-296-8368.

18. Start Your Own Hard Surface Cleaning Enterprise

There are millions of hard surfaces in the United States alone that need to be cleaned. They are in residential properties and commercial sites. There are millions of square feet of hard surfaces right in your community that need to be cleaned.

You can start a business cleaning them quickly, efficiently and effectively by tying in with the fine people at The Master’s Touch. They offer a complete turnkey system that will help you start this business and earn a six-figure income with no experience.

Your clients will be restaurants, car dealerships, franchises, small businesses, apartment managers, retailers, you-name-it; the possibilities are really endless.

They’ll train you with a five-day onsite training program and even provide financing for their four packages. The company currently has more than 1000 business owners operating their system in 11 different countries. Many entrepreneurs make $200 an hour with their system.

Visit www.tmtopportunity.com and watch the video to learn more about the business and how you can get started. The phone number is 866-932-5353.

19. Start A Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning Venture. Von Schrader has been in business for decades helping thousands of entrepreneurs start their own business. Becoming a Von Schrader Associate enables you to take advantage of their 77 years of doing business in the cleaning and maintenance industry, perfecting their units and proven systems of doing business.

Their startup packages are low cost and they provide financing. They offer unlimited support to help each entrepreneur get it “right from the start.” They provide extensive training. They offer free marketing and advertising promotional materials. A free instruction book and DVD, and a free How-To business manual. Their equipment is ranked at the very top of the industry, and they offer Green Seal Certified cleaning products.

The website, www.vonschrader.com is a comprehensive view of the company, their products, their training programs and contains a lot of information on running the Carpet Package or the Upholstery Package business.

You can a call the Racine, Wisconsin-based company at 800-626-6916 / 262-634-1956.

20. Become A Vending Entrepre-neur. You can start a business placing and supplying vending machines around your community. You don’t need any experience or sales training to get this business started. UTurnVending can help you get started and they have four different vending machines for you to consider. Their website www.UTurnVending.com has a lot of information on how to get started and they’ll send you a free eBook on starting a small business. You can also call 800-584-8887 for information.

According to the company, “U-Turn has been helping people like you become successful business owners for over 25 years. The mission of our company is to offer the very best vending machine equipment with the highest quality support on the market.

“U-Turn is with you for the long haul: Our personalized, in-person training sessions help you get your vending machine company up and running quickly and our continued support is what makes 95% of our customers who order products from us come back to purchase more.

“Our support doesn’t end with the purchase of a machine; when you call a member of our trained U-Turn support team, you can be connected with professional locators, candy suppliers, bookkeeping systems, suggested locations for your candy machines, and professional advice. We want to make your vending business opportunities an enjoyable and prosperous experience,” according to the company.”

UTurn Vending says on their website: “By calling one of the U-Turn company representatives, they can walk you through the few simple steps of starting your vending business. They will line you up with professional locators, candy suppliers, bookkeeping systems, suggested locations for your candy machines, and professional advice.”

21. Become A Nightime Sky Illu-sionist. You don’t have to be an astro-physicist, a holographic expert or even an artist to launch your own high-profit business installing a ceiling system in clients’ homes or in business environments that resembles the starry nighttime sky. Thousands of stars and constellations are possible with this unique system.

You’ll be bringing the stars right to your customers. This is not wallpaper or a lighting system. According to Starscapes, maker of the system, “The magic is applied to the ceiling – but it’s not visible with the lights on. Because of the methodology we use your entire ceiling appears to be ‘gone’ – replaced instead with a beautiful astronomically correct nighttime sky. You can even create the exact starry sky that the owners were married under or the day their child was born any sky, any day.”

The company has been in business for 22 years. Based in Mesa, Arizona, they have helped many first-time entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

Entrepreneurs who use the system charge anywhere from $100 to $1500 a day for their service and work. Charge what your market will bear, and of course, the fee is set by the scope of the work. Starscapes recommends you charge $5 per square foot. The website has a lot of info and testimonials including one business owner who is making $500 a day performing this special effect for hotels.

Intrigued? Learn more by visiting www.CosmicHomeBusiness.com or call the company at 480-615-7646.

22. Wrapper Profits. People and businesses love to see their names on products. You can provide this service to corporate and fun events. Put names on wrappers that then go on candy, bottled water, mints, etc. This is a great business to start if you are looking for a home-based opportunity.

All you need is a computer to get started with your own Wrapper Profits business. Occasionography is the company that
provides you with the know-how and software to run this business. Think of the possibilities: new baby, weddings, anniversaries, corporate meetings, holidays, grand openings, clubs, fundraising, sports teams, baby showers and more. The sky is the
limit. Check out the website to see samples and learn more. You’ll be inspired so visit www.wrapperprofits.com .

23. Waterless Grass Distributor. Yes, this is the wave of the future. We are worried about water and rising temperatures. Most of the United States experienced a sweltering summer. This is where you come in, selling and installing a synthetic alternative to natural grass.

It is perfect for commercial and residential applications and ideal for putting greens, too. You don’t need any experience, and you can work on a part-time, weekend, or full-time basis.

The company that can help you establish this business is Mirage Waterless Grass. Their tag line is: The Future of Outdoor Living. The “grass” requires no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no chemicals, no seeding and no irrigation. You can learn more about the business opportunity at www.WGDealer.com or by calling 702-368-1412. See their corporate showroom at the famed Las Vegas National Golf Club!

24. Cash In On Sports. Like sports? You can start a business right at home selling sporting goods, promotional sports items, custom uniforms, embroidered hats and screen-printed shirts.

The following companies can help you get launched: SportsLife Enterprises is in their 18th year. Contact them via their website at www.sportslife.com or 800-909-5433.

ProStar Athletics also has a business opportunity program for you to consider. You can sell a wide variety of sports products, uniforms, licensed apparel and licensed gifts, and more. For info visit www.ProStarAthletics.net or call 866-390-7732.

25. Sales Leads, Mailing Lists and E-Mail Marketing. Founded in 2011,
infofree.com provides an expanding collection of sales leads and mailing lists, offering around-the-clock access to 200+ databases.

Through simplified searches, subscribers have several options to reach their target market. For example, an auto dealership looking for additional customers could use infofree.com to not only search new homeowners within a set radius, but also go a step further and target prospects with desired incomes or home values.

Searches are divided into four separate categories consisting of business leads,
consumer leads, hot weekly leads and other popular leads. These categories are further divided into specific target markets.

After subscribers select a category to reach their target market, they then choose to either conduct a search for an exact location by entering a ZIP code, or perform a broader search: city, county, state or radius.

To give you an idea of the results infofree.com provides, a search in consumer leads on pet owners in Seattle yields 68,698 instant results of customer profiles and detailed information. Each lead includes name, address, gender, age, marital status, home ownership, home value and length of residence. A search conducted in business leads provides information including company names, executive titles, phone numbers, email addresses, workforce size, sales volume, credit rating and how long each company has been in operation.

The information is collected, verified and updated by more than 100 infofree.com employees on a regular basis. To date, the company’s databases contain records for more than 15 million storefront businesses and 220 million people living in the United States. Multi-sourced from phone and cable utility listings, magazine subscriptions, Yellow Pages, state business filings, property records and personally performed phone calls, this information is an extremely valuable tool in generating new customers.

Upon finishing his MBA in 1972, founder Vinod Gupta began working for a recreational vehicle manufacturer. One day his boss asked him to provide a list of every RV dealership in the country. While no such list existed, Gupta called AT&T and ordered every phone book available in the United States. When 5,000 phone books showed up at his workplace, his boss threatened to fire him.

Gupta took the directories to his home garage and compiled the list that his employer had requested. Presenting his boss with the list, Gupta gave him two options: Either buy it as exclusive property; or to use it free of charge, with Gupta maintaining ownership rights to the list. His boss opted for the free list, and so Gupta went to the bank, took out a $6,000 loan and sent direct mail to every RV manufacturer in the country. He informed them of the list he had compiled and was willing to share for a fee.

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