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Five Security Tips For Your Small Business

[ 0 ] Oct. 9, 2013 | SBO Editor

October is National Crime Prevention Month, and ADT has five tips for small business owners, ranging from restaurant operators to boutique retailers and more, to help protect their business from physical threats.

Five tips for proactively securing small businesses include:

· Lighting: Discourage burglars by ensuring adequate lighting at all entrances and exits, keeping a few interior lights on at night, safeguarding exterior lighting fixtures against breakage and installing a motion detector to capture movement and prevent false alarms.

· Doors: Make unauthorized entry difficult for intruders by installing solid wood or metal-lined doors, ensuring overhead garage doors are secured with padlocks and reinforcing all panels and glass to prevent them being knocked out or kicked in.

· Windows: Minimize vulnerability by covering exterior windows with burglar-resistant glazing, placing locks in areas that can’t be reached by breaking the glass and setting up equipment or heavy merchandise in front of unused windows.

· Key Management: Give key copies only to the employees who open and close the business, code and number all keys, and change locks if you suspect the keys have been compromised.

· Exterior: Protect the outside of your business by using lighting to maintain a clean, uncluttered property, install security cameras to record activity and limit any shrubbery that could serve as hiding places for intruders.

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