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Five Businesses You Can Start Today With $100 or Less

[ 0 ] Oct. 9, 2013 | SBO Editor

Looking for extra income? Here are five easy-to-start businesses you can launch right away for $100 or less

1.Apartment/House Cleaning—O.K. it doesn’t sound new or very different, but it works. It seems that no matter how many cleaning services pop up, there are always customers to jump on your bandwagon. Once you develop good word of mouth, customers will be calling you.

2.Holiday Decorating—If you’re handy with decorations, arrange some setups and take photos. Start a website promoting your holiday service to commercial and residential customers or make appointments to show them your photo portfolio.

3.Move-In Service—If you’ve ever moved, you know how tough it is to move in and clean up in just a couple of days. You can start a business offering to do the cleaning before folks move in; see if you can tie-in with a couple of moving companies who would help you promote this business.

4.Assembly Service—Many people love to shop but hate to cart things home that aren’t already assembled. You start the business and ask local businesses to distribute your business cards. Hey, it will help the stores sell goods.

5.Delivery Service—There are many stores ranging from supermarkets to nurseries that don’t offer delivery service. They are losing customers by not providing this. You come in and offer to do the job with your own delivery service.

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