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8 Factors To Consider When Starting A Small Business

[ 0 ] Oct. 7, 2013 | SBO Editor

When planning your small business launch, consider the following eight key factors:

1. Do you have the resources to hold out until your business starts making money?

2. Are you willing to leave your current 8 hour a day job to work 24/7?

3. Are you ready to take on tasks that could be dirty and unpleasant?

4. Have you done enough homework to truly know your product or service?

5. Do you have a basic grasp of accounting methods to keep an eye on the books?

6. Can you manage an employee? Do you know how to delegate?

7. Are you a salesman? Can you really sell your product or services to potential buyers?

8. How will you get publicity and generate interest in your new small business?

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