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7 Questions To Consider When Starting Your Mail Order Business

[ 0 ] Oct. 24, 2013 | SBO Editor

You’ve decided to start a mail order business from home. What will you sell? The types of items and services sold by mail order run the gamut–from hand-crafted items to advice-giving newsletters to antiques.But how do you pick something that stands a chance of success?As you look for a product to sell, factor these seven questions into your selection process.

Most experts agree that the items you offer for sale must be unique–and unavailable.Why? If your product is one-of-a-kind, it has appeal for buyers.And if you can purchase the product at the local supermarket, then why order it through the mail?

When you have a few items in mind, you’ll need to evaluate them.Here are 7 questions to ask of each product or service to determine which one or ones you’ll sell.

1. Does the product offer benefit to the buyer?

2. Is there a large enough market of potential buyers for the product?

3. Are you knowledgeable about the product or can you become knowledgeable?

4. Are there any similar products already on the market?

5. Can the item be competitively priced, yet bring enough profit to justify its sale?

6. Can the product be easily shipped?

7. Do you have a source for the product?

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