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4 Easy Marketing Ideas Using Key Tags and Plastic Cards

[ 2 ] Oct. 14, 2013 | SBO Editor

Businesses can benefit from key tags and plastic cards by using them to promote their business and draw in customers. Key tags are added to customers’ key chains where they are sure to be seen every time customers reach for their keys, not to mention being noticed by other people (family, friends, bystanders). An attractive key tag design will keep your business in the front of their minds each time they see it. Some customers prefer to use bigger plastic cards to save space on their keys. It’s a good idea to offer a key tag and a plastic card so customers can choose which one they prefer to use. Key tags and plastic cards can be designed any way you like and can having matching or unique designs and shapes.

1. Promo Card Mailer

Combining your key tags and plastic cards into one mailer is cost effective and super convenient for your customers. They get to punch out their plastic key tags and plastic cards right from the mailer which is a satisfying feeling for most. As soon as they punch out their tags, people instinctively pull out their key chains or wallets to attach the key tag and insert the plastic card into an empty card slot. Mailers that come with multiple key tags and plastic cards encourage customers to share them with other family members and friends which encourages them to become new customers!

2. Add QR codes to your Key Tags/Plastic Cards

QR codes are images that are scanned by smart phones in order to access specific content. Any customer with a smart phone can use it to scan the QR code and access a business’s website, social media site, contact information or other promotional page. Customers will enjoy the interactive aspect of the QR code and you can even use it to run a special promotion or contest. This will also increase visitors to your website or social media sites to get you more followers. Maybe offer a special 10% discount when a customer uses their key tag or plastic card to scan the QR code and like your business on Facebook. Here is a free tool to generate a QR Code.

3. Use Key Tags/Plastic Cards for Free Offers

Show your customers that you appreciate their business by offering a free item when they first sign up for a key tag or plastic card. After the first free item, they can receive discounts on specific purchases or combinations of purchases. You can also offer a Buy 5 and get the 6th One Free deal as an incentive for people to become repeat customers and reward customer loyalty.

4. Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to get new customers when your loyal customers use them as gifts to introduce their friends and family to your business. Not only is it a perfect gift option for birthdays and holidays, it also serves as an impressive word-of-mouth marketing tool and a personal endorsement from your satisfied customers who are purchasing the gift cards for their loved ones. Another bonus is that registered gift cards can provide you with valuable customer information.

Both key tags and plastic cards can have a dramatic impact on your business when you implement these marketing tactics. Use them to build strong relationships with your customers and you’ll be happy to know your customers will be returning again and again for years to come.

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  • http://www.idsource.com/ Corey Savage

    There are many pros to offering a key tag in addition to its plastic card counterpart. First, there’s a greater likelihood that it will get used since a customer will probably have their keys on them. It is also free publicity for your brand whenever anyone takes their car keys out of their purse or pocket.

  • Troy Escarpeta