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U.S. JOBS Act Title II Enacted at Midnight Expected To Ease Funding Challenges for Small Businesses

[ 0 ] Sep. 23, 2013 | SBO Editor

PeoplesVC, Inc. announced what it believes to be the first offering of securities under a new offering exemption under the JOBS Act Title II. The new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, enacted at midnight, are expected to make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital by reaching a larger audience of accredited investors using advertising and social media channels such as Facebook™ and LinkedIn™. The JOBS Act is ultimately expected to pave the way for securities-based crowdfunding under Title III of the Act.

Until today’s SEC regulations went into effect, businesses raising capital had been prohibited from using general solicitation for securities offerings under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. PeoplesVC intends to  take advantage of the JOBS Act  by providing a marketplace where investors can invest in America’s startups and small businesses.

After the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators publish final rules implementing Title III of the JOBS Act, PeoplesVC expects to open up early-stage investing to all Americans and stimulate meaningful job growth through its securities-based crowdfunding portal. The company seeks to democratize capital formation activities by helping the general public replace banks and traditional venture capital firms as primary sources of early stage capital for startups and existing businesses.

“Our mission at PeoplesVC it to help companies raise capital and use it to grow businesses that create jobs,” commented PeoplesVC CEO Akhil Garland. “The time is now for America to re-invent itself, and it is an honor to have an opportunity to help create meaningful, challenging, exciting and rewarding jobs.  Our goal is to focus on creating the types of jobs that, in turn, create more jobs – those are the most valuable and have the most impact on our nation.”

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