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Simple Guide To Managing Your Cash Flow

[ 1 ] Sep. 26, 2013 | SBO Editor

MyAssetTag, has recently created, The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow, a tool that gives small business owners the right tactics to manage the ebb and flow of cash in their business. The site features a decision tree format that guides viewers last the information they know and highlights the information they need to know.

In addition to introducing cash-flow conceptually to the unacquainted, the Guide features solutions for:

  • Minimizing overhead
  • Streamlining accounts receivable
  • Outsourcing
  • Utilizing just-in-time inventory
  • Forecasting cash flow

Small business owners don’t often have the resources of CFO and public companies, but can benefit from the same financial tactics. This tool helps level the playing field.


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  • http://growthforce.com/ GrowthForce

    Streamlining your accounts receivable process can help improve cash flow, and so can optimizing your accounts payable. Utilize your payment schedules set by your vendors. If you have 30 days to pay a bill, pay when it is due and not a minute sooner. This allows the business to collect more income during the time when a bill comes in and its due date.