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QR Code Marketing Vehicle

[ 0 ] Sep. 27, 2013 | SBO Editor

Displaying your Brand and QR Codes on button tags in retail and social setting (as well as business meeting) makes networking easier and provides new exposure for products and advertising. Modern clip-on button tags are smaller, more attractive and clothing-safe relative to 20th century adhesive and plastic holders with pins.

The new printable diecut sheets of tags allows staff to print promotion tags or attendee’s names as the guests arrive. This convenience is the result of a new category of wearable ‘Personal Tags’ that attach to ones clothing with a new “paperclip-like” clip. Called the Contour Clip®, it uses two flat fingers similar to paperclips that clamp over an edge of the collar, lapel or pocket. The tag is secured directly to a round post on the clip that allows the tag to be attached in any orientation. Being the first new clothing attachment is almost 100 years, the Contour Clip replaces older pin and adhesive labels with clothing-safe nametags that everyone will wear without concern for holes or delicate fabric damage.

Depending on where they are used, personal nametags today can provide more information than just names, printing QR Codes or advertising graphics on both the front and back of the tag. These facilitate mobile media recording of contact information that is so essential during face-to-face events. Without a plastic holder, badges and personal tags are inexpensive, very lightweight (only 3 grams) and easier-to-wear near eye-level. Without plastic, there are no reflections to confuse Smart Phones camera. As we all know, presenting ones name on an attractive personal nametag to others is important during face-to-face conversations.

Badgetec developed the Contour Clip® to provide faster, easier and more eco-friendly issuing of badges and personal tags.  With the Contour Clip® ‘paperclip’ attachment, it slides on by tactile-feel alone. The badges are made of durable cardstock or white polyester (waterproof) which require no plastic holder (eco-friendly & 100% recyclable). Standard 8.5×11” diecut sheets have slots punched at the top of each tag (round, rectangular or other shapes) for attaching the clip.  In addition, these standard size sheets can be printed using Microsoft Word (AVERY®) templates on most office laser/inkjet printers.  One then simply separates the badges from the sheet and issues them.

BADGETEC was established in 2010.  Headquartered in New York, Badgetec is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products, appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality. All products are made in the USA. For more information and inquiries, visit:

http://www.badgeteconline.com, email info@badgeteconline.com, Phone 877-403-7797

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