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eBook Identifies Six Essential Strategies To Help Bosses Lead Better

[ 0 ] Sep. 30, 2013 | SBO Editor

Bosses have a profound impact on their employees’ work-lives and their careers. Not to mention their employer’s bottom-line (think turnover). It’s with that leadership expert David Grossman developed his newest eBook, Bosses: Good vs. Bad, 6 Strategies to Lead With Your Inner Angel.

People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses,” says David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, Founder and CEO of award-winning leadership and internal communication consultancy, The Grossman Group. “What many people don’t realize is the impact a boss can have on an employee’s career. Recent research has found 20% of employees say their boss hurts or has hurt their career and organizations can’t afford the negative impact – not to mention the costs – of bad bosses.”

Every day bosses make choices in how they lead. And in his new eBook, Grossman urges all bosses to follow these six strategies to lead effectively:

1.      Put others first
2.      Make development and career discussions part of your ongoing conversations with employees
3.      Give employees feedback regularly and coach them
4.      Bring out the best in every employee and help them develop their skills
5.      Know how your employees learn and grow best
6.      Know their career aspirations and personal ambitions

“When the devil’s in charge, he urges the boss to take credit for someone else’s work,” says Grossman. “But when the angel’s running the show, he urges the boss to lead and inspire his team, and give credit where it’s due.”

It’s time for bosses to lead for good and not evil. Download the new eBook, Bosses: Good vs. Bad and get 6 must-do strategies for bosses to lead better.

About David Grossman
A leading consultant, speaker and author, David Grossman is one of America’s foremost authorities on communication inside organizations. He is Founder and CEO of The Grossman Group, an award-winning Chicago-based communications consultancy which focuses on organizational consulting, strategic leadership development and internal communications for Fortune 500 clients. A frequent media source, David provides expert commentary and analysis on employee and leadership issues. He’s been features on “NBC Nightly News”, WSJ.com, Today.com, in the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and CBS MoneyWatch. His latest book is You Can’t NOT Communicate 2: More Proven Solutions That Power the Fortune 100.

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