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Can Your Business Benefit From VoIP?

[ 0 ] Sep. 9, 2013 | SBO Editor

By Jonny Grant

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the combination of hardware and software that enables the use of the Internet as the transmission device, which allows you to then send and receive telephone calls. For the small business enterprise, VoIP reduces the costs involved for a number of tasks, such as installing and maintaining equipment, adding numerous telephone lines, and using technical staff. There are many benefits to using a business VoIP system including the integration of a company’s voice and traffic data into one network system, eliminating the need for costly standard telephone lines.

Cost Efficiency

As a rapidly growing systems integrator technology that uses local area network (LAN) and the Internet for phone calls instead of traditional phone lines, a VoIP system can save money in many ways. Although there can be initial setup costs, there are also savings based on managing a single network as opposed to traditional telephone networks. In our digital and data-centered world, VoIP is increasingly becoming the more popular choice for many types of businesses.

When telephone calls are made over a single computer network or using VoIP, there is no need for an extensive technical staff to manage data and voice telephony components. Due to its smaller maintenance needs, having a single network, business VoIP is ideal for smaller companies with limited budgets.

Ease of Mobility

Businesses that use VoIP also benefit from its mobility, media enhanced features and clarity, as well as the ability to save on long distance calls, which is typically a major expense. Companies with multiple locations are able to integrate telephone lines without the need for extensive wiring, equipment, and relocation of resources.

Secure Access

When you implement a small business VoIP system, productivity will increase by integrating and simplifying your communication requirements. Additionally, data and voice networks are more secure with VoIP, allowing ease of network access regardless of employee location, whether they’re working remotely or in the office.

Comparable Features

The biggest benefit of switching to a VOIP system aside from lowering costs are the comparable features which surprisingly also has the capability of improving business communications. Many do not know that with the use of a customizable VoIP system, while the functions are similar to traditional telephone lines, in some cases there are better features available. For instance, a VoIP system offers a wide range of professional communication services such as auto attendance, which is an extension of the typical voice mail system, call conferencing and convergence, which allows you to integrate not only telephone calls, but also email, video conferencing, faxing, and instant messaging as well.

Overall, a small business VoIP system will give your business an easy to use, cost-effective, feature rich communications solution. You also have the option to upgrade to an advanced unified communications system should your business needs change.

About the Author: Jonny Grant is an expert in VoIP, he works with Business VoIP provider Packnet to deliver solutions for businesses. He can often be found writing about the latest trends within VoIP, as well as reviewing the newest calling based apps.

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