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American Hero Dr. Art Langer and His Work-Study Program For Underserved U.S. Tech Students

[ 0 ] Sep. 9, 2013 | SBO Editor

Dr. Art Langer is an American hero.

~Photo caption: Dr. Art Langer (second from right) congratulates Crystal Serraty (left) and Christine Garth (second from right) at their graduation from the WOS training program at Columbia University. Also pictured is Angelo Incorvaia, the former SVP and CIO of Bank Leumi, where Crystal and Christine work as quality assurance consultants.~

Art Langer is founder and Chairman of Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), a nonprofit that is putting America back to work. Art grew up in New York City without any clear career prospects.  His life changed when a business owner reached out to him and pushed him to apply for schools.  Art now wants to give underserved,  in-need high school students and military Veterans a hand in getting career jobs in IT.  WOS is branching out into new areas as well.

For U.S. corporations, it’s an affordable way for them to find qualified Americans trained for a specific IT job opening.  For the veterans and young adults, it’s a way to be trained in IT, prepared for corporate life and life in general as well as placed in jobs for which they wouldn’t otherwise qualify.  WOS provides them with “ladders of ascent” to help them grow in their careers.

The advisory board of WOS includes the CIO of Prudential Financial, a retired EVP and Fellow Emeritus at IBM, a senior director for Resources Global Professionals and faculty at Wharton, Georgetown and Smeal Business School at Penn State.

For over three years, WOS has identified, mentored and trained military veterans for available IT positions at leading American companies.  WOS has been working with young adults from underserved populations across the country for eight years.  These veterans and young adults begin as outsourced consultants from WOS.  Many of them are hired, launching successful careers that would have been unlikely without WOS’s corporate connections and thoughtful 360 degree preparation which includes scholarships to leading Universities as well as psycho-social and basic life skills such as corporate etiquette and personal finance.

WOS’s veterans and young adults become paid consultants and, often eventually, employees of a company in some new areas as well as in some of the popular areas such as software engineering, database design, project management, helpdesk, network administration, application development, web strategy, design and development, e-commerce systems, content management, ASP & Hosting services and interactive video & webcasting.  WOS has already begun branching out into other job areas such as mechanics and service technicians in the future.

Dr. Arthur Langer, chairman and founder of WOS, is uniquely positioned for this work as a former boy of humble beginnings and, currently, as a faculty member at Columbia University where he holds graduate positions in business, education, continuing education and technology. (see his bio below)  He has written a number of books in the areas of IT, e-commerce and analysis.

He holds a number of faculty appointments and positions at Columbia University, including the Graduate School of Business, the School Graduate School of Education, and the School of Continuing Education.

Dr. Langer serves as Senior Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Community Engagement at the Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Langer’s research involves the study of information technology organizations in the workplace, reflective practices, mentoring, distance education, intellectual development, learning transformation theory, higher education and the design of technology-based curricula.

Dr. Langer is the author of IT and Organizational Learning (2011), Analysis and Design of Information Systems (2007), Applied Ecommerce (2002), and The Art of Analysis (1997) and has published articles and papers relating to service learning for underserved populations, and IT organizational integration, mentoring and staff development. Dr. Langer consults with corporations and universities around the globe on information technology, staff development, management transformation, and curriculum development.

For more information on this wonderful organization, please visit: http://www.wforce.org/

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