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Startup Saturday’s Quick Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Run A Small Business?

[ 0 ] Aug. 17, 2013 | SBO Editor

Do you wonder if you have the right qualities to make it on your own in business? Take this quiz to find out. Under each question, check the answer that comes closest to saying what you feel, then find your score using the key provided.
1. Are you a self-starter?

____    Yes. I like to do things on my own and have a lot of initiative.

____    To a point. I’ll contribute what I am expected to.

____    No. I don’t put myself out unless it’s absolutely necessary.
2. Do you enjoy working with other people?

____    Yes. I like people and can get along with anybody.

____    Sometimes. If people don’t bother me too much, I can get along with them.

____    No. Most people are difficult to work with and irritating.
3. Do you welcome responsibility?

____    Yes. I like to take charge of things and see them through from beginning to end.

____    Not really. But I can handle it if I have to.

____    No. I’d rather let someone else be in charge.
4. Are you a good organizer?

____    Yes. I always have a plan before I start a project, and usually get things lined up when others want to do something.

____    It depends. I do all right up until a point, but when things get too overwhelming, I tend to back off.

____    No. I like to take things as they come. I try not to plan too much in advance.
5. Are you a hard worker?

____    Yes. I do whatever it takes to get the job done. I don’t mind working hard for something I want.

____    Usually. I’ll work hard for a while, but when I’ve had enough, that’s it.

____    No. I prefer to work only when I have to.
6. Are you comfortable making decisions?

____    Yes. I can make up my mind in a hurry if I have to, and usually things turn out well.

____    I’m not sure. If I have plenty of time, I usually can, but if I have to make up my mind fast, later I always wonder if
I made the right choice.

____    No. I don’t like being the one to decide things. I’m afraid of making the wrong choices.
7. Do you finish what you start?

____    Yes. If I’m determined to do something, nothing can stop me.

____    Usually. I can finish what I start as long as it is going well and is interesting.

____    No. I have great ideas, but frequently I have trouble carrying them out.
8. Are you eager and energetic?

____    Yes. I’m a tireless worker who looks forward to new challenges and tasks.

____    For the most part. I have a reasonable amount of energy.

____    No. I run out of steam sooner than most of my friends do.
9. Do you like to sell?

____    Yes. When I sell something I believe in, I feel as though I have done the customer a service. I find it extremely
satisfying and consider myself very persuasive.

____    Sometimes. Selling is a tough job, but I’m willing to learn the skills if I must.

____    No. I don’t like asking someone to buy something from me. I believe a good product or service should sell itself.

Scoring:    How many check marks are beside the first answer?

____ How many check marks are beside the second answer?

____ How many check marks are beside the third answer?

If you have more than five checks beside the first answer, you probably have what it takes to run a business. If you have more than five checks beside the third answer, you may have difficulty making it on your own. If your score falls somewhere in the middle, you may need some help to make your business successful.

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