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SBOMAG ROUNDUP 4 Key Features of Our Digital Economy

[ 0 ] Aug. 23, 2013 | SBO Editor

By Alex Konanykhin

Leading a company in a competitive world today requires a combination of skills and abilities. Typically, business owners focus their energies on what they perceive as their primary role: developing a strategy to reach the desired goals.

However, there are other aspects of leadership directly involved in teamwork leading. Leaders must surround themselves with people best suited to carry out the company’s mission.

According to experts in leadership, Steven Kramer and Teresa Amabile, employees are more productive and creative when they have a positive inner life. And for this, add the specialists, it is essential that your daily tasks provide them with something meaningful.

Business leaders should keep in mind the defining four features of the digital economy:

> Continuous innovation: while the life cycles of products and services shorten, the novelty comes due to system and technology innovations. From this point of view, the power of ideas becomes a core element.

> Permanent interconnections: technology does not only allow informational flow. Human resources have been “digitalized” and more and more professional services are provided remotely. Considering this point, business leaders face – more than ever – the challenge of coordinating projects with people from different countries and activities.

> Constant learning: many authors argue that to learn faster than competitors is “the only competitive advantage”. This concept is key and has to translate into organizational learning before individual skill development.

> Added value: information and ideas have become an essential part of any product or service. For this reason, the intellectual capital of people is a key asset in any company.

Alex Konanykhin is a successful entrepreneur, author and business expert. He is CEO and founder of TransparentBusiness.com, an online business management platform that is committed to revolutionize the world of work. The tool enables administration and monitoring professional groups distributed around the world through a web interface, promotes telework, and enables coordinated and efficient project management through the Internet.

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