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Fun Captcha Spambot Fighter is Fun, Fast and Cute

[ 0 ] Aug. 28, 2013 | SBO Editor

Angry internet users have recently stepped up their campaigns against those ugly, annoying “CAPTCHAs” with twisty letters. Riding a huge wave of attention, the creators of the spammer-blocking mini-game called FunCaptcha are now offering a free visual makeover to match the site’s look and logo. This alternative to the twisty letter puzzle stops spammers without inflaming user anger, and won’t ruin the site’s carefully-built visual theme.

FunCaptcha grabbed a lot of publicity after it was featured in game-development site Polygon and then picked up on the Technology page of NBC News. This playful little activity replaces the much-hated CAPTCHA that asks users to “prove their humanity” by reading and typing ugly, twisty letters. A web site suffers significant loss of user conversion by using a twisty CAPTCHA, but without it, spammers will wreak havoc. The FunCaptcha alternative requires no typing, which is especially nice on a mobile device. Unlike many CAPTCHA alternatives, it provides a very strong defense against spammers.

Striking while the iron is hot, the creators of FunCaptcha have just disclosed a secret webpage where webmasters can get in the queue for a free customization job. The little puzzle will take on the site’s color scheme and logo, and even show a final message or image to welcome the new user to the site. For a limited time, all fees for this custom work are waived. The sooner a site signs up, the better its chances of getting to the top of the queue, so webmasters, get on this free offer now. Sign up at http://funcaptcha.co/offer.

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