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Free Tax Advice For Your Small Business From TaxConnections

[ 0 ] Aug. 8, 2013 | SBO Editor

TaxConnections just announced it will provide small businesses access to tax experts that were previously available only to large organizations who knew how to find them. The Internet has created more opportunity for small businesses to generate sales online. However, the complexity of selling products and services through the web has created more tax questions than answers for small businesses. TaxConnections Founder and CEO Kat Jennings recognized the importance of providing small businesses a free lifeline that would address a multitude of tax questions they face.

Why would tax experts give away tax knowledge for free? “It’s simple,” states Jennings. “Tax professionals are highly educated about taxes, and they love to help small businesses owners reduce their taxes. A tax expert’s strength is studying the tax code to protect clients, not selling tax services. They are strong technicians, not sales and marketing. TaxConnections simply created the ideal platform for small businesses and tax experts to communicate with each other and answer tax questions long before they are ever retained. We simply created a place where small businesses can communicate with tax experts and get to know them before they hire someone. Answering the multitude of tax questions that small businesses have these days simply gives tax experts and small businesses a place to start communicating. TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals is a valuable resource that enables small businesses and tax professionals to connect online first and learn more about each other. If small businesses like the way their tax questions are answered by a tax expert they meet on TaxConnections, they are more likely to retain the tax expert. It is a win-win for small businesses and tax experts.”

Kat Jennings predicts small businesses will be attracted to TaxConnections’ unique approach to finding tax help, like:

  • Ask Tax Questions
  • Find A Tax Professional
  • Worldwide Tax Blogs

In addition to the ability to find a tax expert and ask tax questions, small businesses are benefiting from the information obtained on TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs at http://taxconnections.com/taxblog/. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for the tax blog newsfeed that is growing each month due to the high quality content tax experts post each day. Visitors are spending a lot of time on the site.

There are no hidden catches on TaxConnections. A small business simply registers for a Free Membership at https://www.taxconnections.com/tcUsers/freereg and they have access to TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.

About TaxConnections

TaxConnections is a niche authority site of tax experts from more than seventy countries around the world. Anyone can access tax experts from tax service firms, corporations, law firms, government and academia who will answer your tax questions!

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