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Four Steps To Help You Generate New Business From The Web

[ 0 ] Aug. 26, 2013 | SBO Editor

By Nicola Bird, Founder of JigsawBox.com


Many coaches assume that most of their business is likely to come directly as a result of 1:1 coaching and from referrals. Whilst this is always the best form of new business generation, it is worth considering whether your sales strategy is also ‘web-friendly’.

Whatever sector of coaching you may be working in, there is serious money to be made from taking your sales strategy online. For me, it literally transformed my business overnight. One of my first product promotions resulted in $24,000 of sales, the majority of which were a passive revenue stream for me. I am not alone in my experiences either. There are many coaches out there making impressive revenues by selling their services online.

Steps To Achieving More Sales From The Web

Step 1: Review Your Website

The first step to maximising your potential online is to consider your website. This covers everything from overall design and flow of copy to ease of navigation through the site, and SEO. If you’ve not really used your website as a serious lead generation tool before, I would urge you to consider a review of your website and ensure you have the right platform to begin broadcasting your services to the world! Speak to a few different consultants or agencies and try to speak with previous clients or go by trusted referrals before agreeing to any work.

Step 3: Productise Your Offering

The next step is to really think about how you can productise your expertise into products that people will buy. Whether that’s, ‘How to stop smoking’ or ‘How to become a great business leader’, the secret is to focus on topics that you are really good at or passionate about, as the material will be stronger and will help you stand out and sell more. The aim is to try and solve that problem that is keeping them awake at night.

Step 4: Get selling!

When your product is ready, the next step is to reach your audience! There are a number of ways in which to do this, from utilising social media to direct marketing, PR and partnership marketing.  Warm leads are invariably easier to convert than cold leads, so consider your existing database, previous prospects and clients as well as people who may act as advocates and promote your services to their customers, perhaps in return for a small commission fee.

About The Author: Nicola Bird

With an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a diverse range of business experience, mother-of-three Nicola Bird went from earning $0 to over $500,000 online by mastering technology to transform her coaching business. She created JigsawBox as a way for her clients to access her expertise online in a flexible and affordable way, while leaving her free to concentrate on growing her business and spending time with her young children. Nicola is passionate about inspiring women entrepreneurs and helping more people to gain a better work-life balance.

For more information visit www.jigsawbox.com

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