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8 Tips On Making A Mobile-Friendly Website

[ 0 ] Aug. 7, 2013 | SBO Editor

For a successful business, to have or not to have a mobile website is not a question nowadays. But if for some reason a business owner doesn’t have one, it’s high time to consider making one. Mobile websites have already become as commonplace as the desktop ones; they are and will be an efficient means of reaching the worldwide mobile audience. MobiDev, as a company, specializing in web development, can outline 8 general tips on making a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile websites are quite different from desktop ones; they utilize a different approach to making it successful with mobile users. Smartphone screens have limited space, while touchscreen navigation offers a peculiar user experience. Design and functionality are tightly bound here. Simple means beautiful and convenient; it works for mobile websites. A mobile site must be as simple and well-structured as possible.

1) Make sure mobile users are automatically redirected to the mobile version of your website.

2) Choose the foremost information to include: direct means of communication (e.g. phone numbers, click-to-call function, online booking); main information about services; locations on a map. Longer bios and other texts of secondary importance should be left solely for a desktop website. Include only the things your visitors are most likely to look for.

3) Remember that the user must access the needed pages as quickly as possible, with minimum actions. That’s why the fewer pages stand between the user and the action he/she wants to accomplish, the better. To navigate through the website, the buttons should have enough space to prevent users from tapping the wrong button, or trying to hit a minuscule button to make it work.

4) While reducing the number of pages, avoid placing too much information per page. This will inevitably make navigation aggravating, which is by no means acceptable. Make sure that the design allows users to tap and swipe around your website easily. You should also avoid excessive number of images, avoid popups and Flash.

5) Avoid too much text input for users. Typing too much is not a very convenient option on a smartphone.

6) Essentially include the branding elements of your desktop site (e.g. logo, design style or colors) into the mobile website. It may seem a natural decision, but one must think how to do it in the best way to make the mobile site as recognizable as the desktop one.

7) Keep in sight a link to the desktop website. Many visitors may want to proceed there for the information that is left out in the mobile version.

8) Check how your website works on a number of mobile devices: smartphones and tablets running various platforms. Screen size is a crucial issue in any branch of mobile development.

These simple tips must be familiar to software designers specializing in mobile websites. These are the basic things MobiDev offers its clients to consider; these are the ones we follow to create a convenient mobile-friendly website. A business owner should know them in order to recognize useful suggestions. After all, an approved suggestion by a professional designer may invaluably improve the mobile website, therefore improve the unique image of the business.

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