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7 Tips To Choosing Insurance For Your Small Business

[ 0 ] Aug. 22, 2013 | SBO Editor

How to choose insurance for your small business:

1. Determine what business property requires coverage.

2. Contact an insurance agent or broker to answer questions and give you policy quotes.

3. Obtain liability insurance on vehicles used in your business, including personal cars of employees used for business.

4. Obtain liability insurance for your premises if customers or clients will be visiting.

5. Obtain product liability insurance if you will manufacture hazardous products.

6.  If you will be working from your home, make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers damage to or theft of your business assets as well as liability for business-related injuries.

7. Consider health & disability insurance for yourself and your employees. Learn more about the Affordable Health Care act at: healhcare.gov.

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