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IdeaPaint Unveils New eBook: The Art of Brainswarming

[ 0 ] Jul. 24, 2013 | SBO Editor

IdeaPaint™, the leader and innovator in workplace collaboration technology via its unique dry erase paint that transforms any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, unveiled its latest eBook, The New Art of Brainswarming™. The book was commissioned by IdeaPaint and written by best-selling business author Kevin Maney. He interviewed leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies to find out how they unlock game-changing insights and innovation, and found that there was a common denominator to their ideation processes. Rather than relying on traditional “get everyone in a room and write ideas on the wall” brainstorming, progressive companies prefer a continuous, dynamic ideation process that turns good ideas into transformative action that yields breakthrough business results. The eBook is available for free here: www.ideapaint.com/brainswarming.

“Organizations are not fully engaging their talent because of a reliance on outdated ideation and collaboration techniques”

Creative thinkers do not like the word “brainstorming” anymore. It relies on a thunderstorm metaphor – a sudden swirl of energy, noise, electricity and wind that gets everybody’s attention for a moment, then passes by, dissipates and leaves nothing behind. Maney found that innovative companies collaborate on ideas in a process that looks more like swarming than storming. Individuals come together to swarm over a problem, but then the swarm doesn’t break up and disappear – it shifts, changes, keeps moving and re-forms, building on what it has done until it solves one problem and then carries what it knows to the next one. This is Brainswarming™.

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