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Coffee Specialty Passions Run High At Zeppole Cafe

[ 0 ] Jul. 31, 2013 | SBO Editor

Zeppole Café recently added another location at the intersection of Isabella Street and Rt. 50, Salisbury. Coffee and donut lovers, Zeppole that is, will now be able to drive-thru, order and be on their way.

Austin Zduriencik, owner of both locations, the original of which is on Mount Hermon Rd, stated, “We recognized the value in providing a quick drive-thru coffee and donut business serving our morning commuters that don’t have any extra time to get out of their vehicle.” He further went on to say that, “We serve two goals…..they get their much needed morning coffee and donuts and then we get them to work on time.”

At both locations, Zeppole’s makes “the best lattes in town,” according to Zduriencik and his regular customers of about 3,000 per month reinforces that remark. While others are shutting down, Zeppole customer passions run high which in turn allowed Austin to take a look at his business plan and concluded that a drive-thru Zeppole’s would be a part of the 2013 business.

“It’s not only the specialty coffees that keep our customers coming back,” acknowledged Zduriencik, he explained that sharing his family tradition of Zeppole pastry has given his patrons a unique experience while enjoying that cup of coffee. At the Café, two Zeppole also accompany the luncheon sandwiches introducing these “Italian Donuts” to all.

Tradition of having Zeppole at various family gatherings and festivals led Austin to the naming of his Café. Serving the Zeppole year-round is just another plus. “Food connects us with our past,” commented Zduriencik and tradition seems to be an important part of family togetherness that he is happy to share.

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