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Startup Saturday: Launch A Virtual Assistant Enterprise

[ 0 ] Jun. 1, 2013 | SBO Editor

A virtual assistant enterprise is hot! Consider all of the self-employed individuals who are working at home or from a small office and cant afford to hire any employees to help them navigate their busy days. This is where you come in and act as a personal assistant for a wide variety of businesses and busy individuals.

Because youll be a virtual assistant you really dont have to ever meet with your clients. Your clients will range from a realtor or an accountant to a party planner or a socialite.

You can launch this hot business right at home from your kitchen table. Your clients

wont know you are working in your sweats as you turn out Fortune 500 caliber work for them. As long as there are no language barriers you can perform this service business for anyone in the world no matter where they are based.

A virtual assistant should have strong administrative skills and abilities and it helps to have performed this type of work or have worked as an executive assistant or an office manager. Virtual assistants must multitask and have great time-management skills; able to take on and juggle many balls at the same time.

You dont need a staff but you need tools: a laptop, a smartphone, a printer, Internet access and good software compatible with Macs and PCs.

Your tasks will range from sending out emails, letters, invitations and conducting market research to formatting a document, or making reservations at a hotel for your clients upcoming convention.

Charge by the hour for this service so you dont accept a large assignment and then get burned by a set fee when it takes a week or more to accomplish. Set guidelines with your clients so they wont be contacting you all day and all night. You need time to yourself, too, even when you seem to be working 24/7 to establish your service.

Come up with a good name and you are in business! Get a twitter account, a LinkedIn account and set up a facebook page as a business to promote yourself. Consider attending local conventions and trade shows to hand out your business cards. If you start this business, send our editor an email at: sr@harris-pub.com. We are always looking for a good story!

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