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Runa Loosetea Products Benefit Locals, Too

[ 0 ] Jun. 25, 2013 | SBO Editor

Dan MacCombie and Tyler Gage own a company called Runa and their products are based on an indigenous leaf that comes from Ecuador. They discovered this ancient leaf while studying in Ecuador and spending time with the indigenous people there.

After college they pursued Runa full-time. Today, all the Runa products (boxed tea, bottled tea, looseleaf tea and clean energy drink) are made with the guayusa leaf. Dan and Tyler are the sole importers of guayusa and purchase the leaf directly from indigenous farmers who own their own land. They’ve created an entire infrastructure there and the Ecuadorian government is even invested in their company. The guys also support over 2,000 farming families in Ecuador. The company’s sales goal for this year is $3 million.

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