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Have You Done A SWOT Analysis?

[ 0 ] Jun. 5, 2013 | SBO Editor

Its a good idea to access your small business with a SWOT

analysis every quarter. Take a sheet of paper and begin:

Strengths: Jot down the ways your small business goes above and beyond your competition. What do you do better than all the rest?

Weaknesses: Now write down the things you are not providing or offering to your customers as well as your competitors are doing. What could you do to improve this?

Opportunities: Take a look at your community, your marketplace. Look for needs that are not being met. Take a look at new businesses that are opening that you might be able to sell your services to, and examine any other opportunities on which you can capitalize.

Threats: Take some time to examine your fears. What do your worry about at night when you have insomnia? Are you worried about money, your competitors, your employees, the economy? How can you turn this situation around?

Finally, take a moment to congratulate yourself on how far youve come with your American Dream business. Bravo! For more resources on starting and running your small business, visit our website at: sbomag.com

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