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Turning Passion Into Profit With Auto Grillie Sales

[ 1 ] May. 6, 2013 | SBO Editor

Most people encounter challenges every day. From traffic jams to leaking faucets, the majority are relatively minor and easily handled. Other challenges may be a bit more daunting and, now and then, they can evolve into a business opportunity for an enterprising entrepreneur.

Richard (Rick) Gauntlett is up front about his business passion: Grillie. His stepfather had a “hobby” business, importing and selling hood ornaments from the UK. When Rick’s stepfather was dying and asked his stepson to “take over my little business,” Rick agreed to consider it and, after a few weeks, he began investigating the possibilities of turning the business around. After all, with a name like Gauntlett challenges come naturally and Rick was never one to shirk them.

Capitalizing on American’s continuing love affair with the automobile, Rick saw a larger opportunity than expensive hood ornaments. Instead, he turned his focus from the hood to the grille where traditional club and mileage badges were once the rage and were proudly displayed along with sports car club badges in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, those cars may be long gone, but the badges have become valuable collector’s items.

Adding a contemporary twist to the personal imprint most car owners want with their vehicles, Rick decided to develop affordable grille ornaments that would enable drivers to display their passions right up front. And so, Grillie was born, the maker of distinctive grille ornaments that show off each owner’s passion beautifully.

To create grille ornaments that drivers would admire and love, Rick found artisans who used their impressive skills to create genuine masterpieces in miniature.

Rick recognized that with 254 million registered vehicles in America, the potential market for Grillie sales is huge. Covering virtually all bases, he created categories for the ornaments, including hobbies, occupation, seashore, southwestern, dogs and cats, equestrian, patriotism, religion, and others. For info, visit www.grillie.com.

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