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Startup Saturday: Launch A High-Profit Weed Pulling Business

[ 0 ] May. 18, 2013 | SBO Editor

Think you can’t make money pulling weeds? Think again! There is a franchised weed-pulling service where franchisees regularly make more than $100,000 a season. You will certainly make more money on the weekends this summer and you could get rich!

Basically, you canvas your community and offer a ‘weeds only’ type service. Print up a flyer to leave at homes and businesses. Rates around the country vary from $10 an hour to $40 an hour. Charge what your market will bear.  You can call around to local landscapers and see if they offer this service and what they charge. Chances are they don’t offer this service and that’s where you come in and create your own niche.

This is a low-tech startup for sure unless you want to invest in a mechanical week puller. All you need is a pair of gloves, a bucket and a way to haul away the weeds.  If you want to look professional, consider getting a hat or t-shirt/jacket printed up with the name of your service on it.

Make sure you take a walk around the property with the home owner or manager of the condo community to confirm what is a weed and what isn’t. Some folks plant ground covers, etc. that could resemble weeds.

To promote your new business, take an ad in the local newspaper and print up business cards to distribute. Hang your flyers in local stores, community centers, shopping centers.

As you business grows, consider hiring local college students and others looking for part-time work to do the weed pulling for you. You become the agent and book the gigs. Make money while you hang out on your deck this summer!

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