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Startup Saturday: Launch A Move-In Service

[ 0 ] May. 11, 2013 | SBO Editor

Moving into a house or apartment is a challenge for any new resident –especially if the home is not new construction. Weve all experienced the sad saga of looking at homes and apartments and peering into a less than perfect oven, refrigerator or bathtub.

It would be wonderful to hire a person or duo to come in and transform the environment before the move-in date. You could start a small business performing this service. Marketing this business as a Move-In Service as opposed to a regular cleaning service, implies that you will be mindful of deadlines, prompt, efficient and can charge for a one time cleaning job.

Your clients would be realtors in addition to clients who are moving. You could also market your services to moving companies who can pass on your name, website and contact information to the clients who call to book them for local moves.

Your startup costs would be minimal:

–Business cards, a website home page, an ad in the local newspaper and try a Google ad as well

–Cleaning supplies

–A vehicle magnet to promote your enterprise on your car, truck or van

Your tasks would range from window cleaning, vacuuming, deep cleaning the bathroom(s) and kitchen, as well as sweeping up the outside porch or balcony.

You could also generate additional income by offering to paint the apartment or home.

Have your clients pick out the paint and purchase it so that you will not be

responsible if they dont like the color they selected. You also would avoid taking on the additional expense of buying the paint, brushes and disposable drop cloths.

Team up with a local hard floor refinisher to enable your company to offer this additional service as well.

To determine your rates, check out local cleaning services in your area and find out what their rates are for various tasks. It is a good idea to visit the location before submitting your projected fee for the job. You must make sure you charge appropriately for the jobs you take on; you wouldnt want to charge one set fee, and then arrive at a very untidy and scruffy property that will take days to get in tip top shape. Charge by the hour for homes or apartments that need extra special care.

You can start this business on a part-time basis and grow it into a full-time venture. You might need to hire additional help as your business grows. Positive word-of-mouth could help you expand quickly.

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