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Start Your Own Business: Host A Garage Sale

[ 0 ] Apr. 26, 2013 | SBO Editor

It might not sound like a very sophisticated business to launch, but you have all the goods right in your home, attic, garage or basement to start your own venture. Host a garage sale. It’s a great way to test the entrepreneurial waters and see if you like dealing with people, haggling, trying to be charming to good purpose to close the deal, making small talk with strangers and promoting and marketing the event.

Make sure your town doesn’t have regulations on garage sales: many do, so call your Town Hall. If you get the green light set up tables and make them look attractive by grouping items. Set fair prices but be aware that people come to bargain-hunt and will try and knock the prices down. Have change on hand. Make sure there is an outlet available or an extension cord to test lamps, toasters, etc.

Consider having some bags and newspapers available to wrap glassware and pack other items. If you need more assistance, go to a few garage sales this weekend and see how they are handled. The listings are usually in the local newsaper.

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