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Locavesting: Top Read

[ 0 ] Apr. 16, 2013 | SBO Editor

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, generating eighty percent of jobs and half of GDP. They also create the foundation for healthy, diverse neighborhoods and strong local economies.

So why are we starving these vital enterprises? What can we do?

Locavesting by Amy Cortese, is a call to rethink the way we invest, so that we support the small businesses that create jobs and healthy, resilient communities. Just as “Buy Local” campaigns have found that a small shift in purchasing from chains to locally owned enterprises can reap outsized benefits for a community, so, too, can a small shift in our investment dollars. The book explores the extraordinary experiment in citizen finance taking place across the country, from Brooklyn, NY to Honolulu, HI and dozens of towns in between, as communities take back control of their financial destinies while revitalizing the communities they call home.  These citizens are at the vanguard of a grassroots revolution that journalist Amy Cortese calls “locavesting.”

In Locavesting, (published by John Wiley & Sons) you’ll meet these pioneers and learn about the new models they are creating—some new, some as old as capitalism itself—to put their money to work locally, from community ownership to crowdfunding to the rebirth of local stock exchanges. In the process, they are rebuilding their nest eggs, their communities, and, just perhaps, the country. To learn more, visit www.locavesting.com

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